New thoughts

I would like to relay this story as it made me rethink my proposal. I thought i would visit Matera to see at first hand so this weekend i made a trip.we booked in a b and b and the next day the person Nicola who runs the b and b offered to take us to see the rock churches and he would be our guide. At one of the small churches somebody had broken the door and you could go inside, but when we went in Nicola was Very upset because on the floor where Majolica tiles marked a line for the pilgrims someone had stolen the tiles and smashed others. He mentioned this to the guy outside who was the custodian and his response was “boh”. Strange response!

Nicola was very passionate about his city its ancient culture, at the moment he found the damages all i could think about was restoring the tiles and cleaning the church with my own hands and replacing the lock with my own money and skills.