NEWS: Seedstars is launching Seedspace Cairo a co-working / co-living space

Seedstars in launching Seedspace Cairo. Speedspace is a learning, working and living environment empowering tech entrepreneurs and the central hub for everything Seedstars spread over 80 countries, great events and company building programs.

@nadia Is it happening in Egypt?

Hi @amirindina! Why do you think they are great at building programs?? It seems like it’s not oriented towards social entrepreneurship.

Hazem shared this article a while back about the need for entrepreneurs in the region to access community - the other side of the story being that startup competitions just dont work.

Seedstars are investors looking for a return on investment.Competition should work in this case, otherwise they will loose their money. Multinational’s CSR, INGO, and foreign aid, fund social enterprises through programmes. Few social enterprises succeed and start to look for investors like seedstars. Flat 6 lab might incubate social enterprises.

I did not attend their event. I do not have more information about their co-working / co-living venue.

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