Next Coordination Group meeting: Monday 21 November?

@ChrisM (Facilitation & Conflict Management), @alberto (Finance & Legal, IT), @Sarah (Governance & Working Methods), @Laurianne (Inclusion), @manuelpueyo (Communication Materials) and @Pieter (Logistics)

Would you be available for one more Coordination Group meeting, and if not, can you please ask a team mate whether they can attend?

If all goes well all Teams are in the process of selecting a Team Leader, so can you please pass on this message to the person who got selected?

For transparency: I am currently Team Leader of Team Recruitment & Onboarding, and until November also of Team Building.

For the agenda I need a bit more time, but I reckon we will need to talk about the following:

  • Topics to be discussed at the next two plenary meetings
  • Onboarding of the new Reeflings
  • Agenda for the training day on 4 December
  • Checklist to purchase a site

Yup, good for me :slight_smile:

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Hmm, I’ll be unavilable from 18.00 on.

I can be available that evening :slight_smile:

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@ugne would you be available as the Team Leader of Team Finance?

Hi @Lie,
Yes, i will be there.

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Available also! (Sorry, I thought I already sent the message)

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Hi there!
@ChrisM, @alberto, @Laurianne, @manuelpueyo , @Pieter , @Lee

I don’t see the meeting in the calendar. Can we confirm that we’re meeting tonight (7.30pm works?), and we’ll do it online?

Concerning the agenda, I would like to know if it’s still possible to make some suggestions??

Personally, I have some points I would like to discuss at some point. Ideally, it would help me ease some itchy concerns if we could discuss part of it (or let me dream big, all of it!) today, if there’s room for it of course :slight_smile:

Some of it are things/ concerns I need to attend to personally, some of it are proposal/feedback with my Team Gov leader hat on.

Here is what I would need us to cover:

  • Clarify Team Coordination existence, purpose and agenda setting
  • Organise and plan how we’re gonna work together in the interim period of new reeflings becoming associate members

Sorry this is a bit last mn, but it took me some time to put my thoughts in order…

Happy to move part (or all?) of it to a later date if there’s more urgent things to discuss today, but I do have strong feelings about it being discussed sooner rather than later! :slight_smile:

In any case looking forward to seeing all of you tonight! Cheers!


Was also wondering if we were still doing this tonight, as not everyone had responded and I didn’t see it on the Nextcloud calendar.

If it is going ahead, I assume I’m facilitating (as the representative of Team Facilitation). Happy to do it, but not attached to the idea if someone else feels strongly about it.

If I am facilitating, no problem to work with both the items from @Lee and the items from @Sarah, although it will depend how long each item takes, so there may need to be some prioritisation. As it’s quite late in the day (metaphorically speaking), we may need to discuss that at the beginning of the meeting…


@ChrisM @Sarah @Pieter @alberto @ugne @manuelpueyo and @Sophie_Beese, sorry that I forgot to put it on the Nextcloud calendar. Are you still available, say at 8 pm?

I’ve been very busy doing other things lately, but I’ll try to prepare a draft agenda in the late afternoon.

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Hi @Lee and the rest of the crew,
I am keeping a slot free to connect tonight and 20h is good.

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I’m still available at 20h

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I’ll be available as well.

Also, I think I made a terminology mistake… This sentence:

should probably read:
Clarify Coordination GROUP existence, purpose and agenda setting
And thus probably also clarify name :sweat_smile:

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Ok, so the agenda is in the Nextcloud document.

It’s the usual structure, plus the two points from Sarah, integrated into a somewhat broader topic.

See you tonight!