Next GA meeting

Hello @reef-full,

With a bit of luck we are expecting four new membership requests (full and associate) - more news will hopefully follow in the next coming days. In addition - just for the sake of a paper trail - I think it would be good to reconfirm that the annual membership fee is 125 euro.

Shall we schedule a quick GA to handle this? How about these options:

  • Sunday 22 January 12 am
  • Sunday 29 January 12 am
  • Sorry I can’t make it on these dates

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I voted yes to both, but both dates are tenatative as I will be on a business trip (yes, on both Sundays…)

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It will be online and it will hopefully be quick, so I’m hopeful we can make that work!

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Really sorry, i can’t do those dates (out of town), unless it’s in the evening. Other option for 22 Jan is that Manuel does it alone. He agrees :slight_smile:

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I missed the deadline for voting, but I’m available on the 22nd and not available on the 29th. I think that @Sarah is exactly the opposite, so on either date one of us can attend…

Hello @reef-full,

My feeling is that this is not the most important GA meeting we’ll ever have, and so I would propose to hold it with whoever is available on Sunday 29/01 at 12 am, online.

For the moment this is the agenda:

  • Confirmation of the annual membership fee: 125 euro
  • Associate membership requests: Lara and Leo & Barbara
  • Full Membership requests: Laurianne (Thomas & Céline need some more time, they’ll let us know shortly)


If we follow the letter of our governance document, you are invited to the part of the meeting about the associate membership requests (but not the rest), and only to be heard, and not to vote. In this case however I would like to call on what we say in the preamble of the governance document, i.e. that the document should not stop us from being flexible and pragmatic when needed.

Therefore my proposal is that we will interpret silence as consent, regarding the membership requests from Lara, Leo and Barbara. Should there be a problem that I didn’t see - which is fine of course - please send me a PM, and in that case I’ll call in all the associate members and we’ll discuss the agenda point by the book. Works?


Will not be available at that moment but all good!

Hi! If I understand correctly, no action needed from my side. All fine for me. Thansk

I won’t be able to attend as I’m travelling at that time, but I enthusiastically consent to the membership requests!

I’m at an NVC workshop all that weekend, but very happy with, and supportive of, the membership requests :slight_smile:

will be unfortunately traveling somewhere in the air during that time, but Manuel should attend & represent me. Great agenda!

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In the documents I have read, it is not foreseen to exclude associate members from the GA (or parts thereof). This made me wonder whether the documents under the following link are the latest versions or are there newer versions available somewhere? Cohousing The Reef's key documents

Hi @ClaudiaPr,

There has indeed been an update to Section 2 of the Governance Document that has not been published yet (internal link to proposal on membership process). Other than that Team Governance is also working on a complete revision of the document, which will include a clarification of the difference between plenary meetings and GA meetings.

In a nutshell: Associate members can be heard in decisions about membership requests (exploring and associate, not full) but they can’t take part in the decision-making. In this particular case we assumed that there was full consensus on Leo, Barbara and Lara’s requests to become associate members, and we left the possibility to speak up via a pm (in the part of my message that you didn’t quote, see post no 6).

Other than that it is also important to remember that our forum for important decisions is the plenary meeting. The GAs are only there to have a minimum administrative record on things like membership. This GA lasted a full 5 minutes, so even if you would have been able to take part in the decision-making, it would have been a rather underwhelming experience.

Does that answer your question?

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The minutes for this GA are now on Nextcloud, and I have sent them to the attendees for digital signing.

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Thanks. It took me by surprise that associate members were explicitly excluded from the GA. And putting my lawyer hat on, members need to know what the applicable rules are (and follow them) and have access to the currently applicable version of the statutes and the governance document. This is important also for reasons of transparency and predictability. Not sure if this is for team governance or team finance/legal but I am happy to help.