Next plenary - 26th Feb - prep on statutes document

Hi @reeflings
During last plenary we went through the full future Statutes of the Partnership (Société Simple) and provided answers to a bunch of questions. You can also find answers to several of the questions that were raised in the FAQ here.

Before the upcoming plenary on Monday 26 February, we invite you to suggest any possible amendments to the Statutes of the Partnership by making a comment next to the relevant article of the Statutes in the document here (this is the version of the Statutes that also contains explanations in English). We can then discuss those at the plenary.

Thank you
Justin & Ugne


Hello @reef-finance,

I have gone through the document and inserted a couple of comments, but nothing worth mentioning.

Thinking in terms of next steps, I see that the document has two asterisks (*) left:

  • 5.17 on decision-making: 75% or 80%

  • 12.4 on which region’s court we would go to

The first one should probably go to @reef-governance? The consideration here is that the Governance Document says 75% (see and the notary recommends 80%.

The second one should probably stay with Team Finance & Legal.

In theory both should be relatively straightforward, so if things would get urgent it seems like we should be able to incorporate within a matter of days now?