Next presentation (TBC: 30 May)

@reeflings can you help us circulate the news of our next presentation? It comes down to sharing this Facebook event with your friends:

@manuelpueyo I cannot edit the event though. Can you help me?

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@alberto i made you admin of the facebook page. did you accept the invitation? if not, check your notifications in facebook,

I am back :slight_smile: @ChrisM, is there anything I can help with?

Welcome back Sophie!

It would be good if you connect with Manuel, and see if there’s anything you could help him with.

There’s also the secretary role, if you’re happy to jump back into that. It may not be for too long, as some of the new associate members may be interested in taking it on.

Not sure if there’s anything to do with regard to the GA recently? Maybe connect with Alberto about that.

And there’s the jobs associated with new associate members, but perhaps we could have a chat about that at some point, as I’m already doing some of them…


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@ChrisM is somebody taking the lead on the presentation overall? I’m thinking tasks like re-publishing the ad on Habitat Groupé and stuff?

Also: did somebody manage to contact somebody of the VGC for the cohousing bike tour on 28/05?

@manuelpueyo is handling all the lead up stuff in the first two boxes of the preparation document, with the exception of the jobs marked you or Alberto, which are done. @Sophie_Beese may be helping him now that she’s also back. I’ll be taking the lead on the logistics for the day of the presentation…

I don’t know what this is, but if anyone has, it is probably @Sarah

I sent an email for the bike tour. Let’s see what they say.

Quick update to let everybody know that @Sophie_Beese will be taking up the coordinating role (i.e. making sure everything gets done).

@manuelpueyo and @Julien, do I get it right that you are joining us? Anybody else?

I will probably go to @alberto’s a bit earlier, so I can bring the key and some stuff already. Another pair of hands will probably be useful though.

Shall we say 18:30 in Brutopia?

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So here I go with my coordination :slight_smile:
@manuelpueyo, could you print the list of people who registered (sort the names alphabetically) and bring that along?
@ugne do you still have the money box and could you give it to Manuel?
@alberto are there any beers left from the last presentation and are they at your place or should I buy some? I can come to your place at 18.15 to help carry the beamer etc.
@manuelpueyo and @Julien (or any other @reeflings joining for the presentation): would you be willing to either welcome people at the door or take care of the bar? Would you be willing to stay at the end to clean up the room and put the tables and chairs back?
Thanks a lot everyone!


yes. it’s noted, i will be there to welcome people at the doors with the list of participants. i probably wont be able to stay till the end because of ada,


I’m not much use for carrying things at the moment, but I’ll be there to do the bar and help clean up. Can also do the fries run beforehand… :slight_smile:

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I’ll be there for 18.30 - It is possible that i’m a little later, I have to give futsal training to the kids until 17h45 in Jette.
Every job is fine for me.

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I can be there from around 1800.
I’m happy to do any donkey work and I’m happy to help run things during the session.
I can also stay for the clean down.

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Thanks a lot @manuelpueyo, @ChrisM, @Julien and @Dave_behave, that’s all the jobs distributed :slight_smile: See you all at 6.30 (or whenever you can make it) at Brutopia!

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Thanks a lot @Sophie_Beese @ChrisM @alberto @manuelpueyo @Julien and @Dave_behave! Everything went super smooth and I really enjoyed the vibe of having so many Reeflings present.