Next presentation (TBC: 30 May)

Hi @reeflings !

At the plenary of 23 March, we agreed to conduct another presentation, with the aim of attracting new members. We also agreed to implement the new process, suggested by Alberto. Although we agreed to do this as a one-off trial followed by a review, the current thinking in Team Recruitment and Onboarding is that this should happen twice, to get a better evaluation of how successful the new process is. It is also clear that we don’t have as many members as we would like, at this point, to comfortably take the next step with regard to buying a piece of land.

For this reason, Team Recruitment and Onboarding is suggesting another presentation, provisionally on 30 May, to be carried out in the same way as the previous one. Normally, this would be something we discuss at a plenary, but time is of the essence, and if we are going to keep the momentum rolling, the preparation for the next presentation needs to start now.

In order to stay true to our sociocratic principles, I am going to tag each full member (who participate in consent rounds under the new system) individually here, to give the opportunity to withhold consent to this proposal: @alberto, @Lee, @manuelpueyo, @ugne, @Sophie_Beese, @Sarah
If you have any objections, now is the moment to raise them… :slight_smile:

Having spoken to most people about this recently, I am going to proceed on the assumption that everyone agrees that this is the best way forward.

Lie has agreed to give the presentation when she gets back from her break, but will not be available for setting it up. Therefore, it would be ideal if everyone can repeat the tasks that they did for setting up the last one, and we divide Lie’s tasks according to whoever is best suited to them.

For now, the focus is on the first table of tasks on the ‘Recruitment and boarding process’ document:

@alberto – would you be willing to take on the first 5 tasks on that table, as I think that you’re the most capable of doing so, or delegate them to whoever you think would be better to do them?

@Sophie_Beese – you’ll be pretty busy with the next stage of the process, but there is one task on the first table for you.

@manuelpueyo – there are the usual 3 tasks for Team Communication. With regard to the flyers, Lie recommends that we print new ones, which has been budgeted for. Although it is not the most environmentally friendly option, she is worried that the word ‘cohousing’ isn’t mentioned very prominently on the old ones, so they don’t work as well as the newer ones…

Thanks everyone!



Yes. However, I fear that our window for May 30th has passed (we need three full weeks for communication). I wrote to Victor to reserve the room, but if he does not reply tomorrow I guess we will need to move it down one week. Do we have other possible dates?

We could move it to the following Tuesday (the 6th). You’re more aware of the recruitment process from start to finish, so do whatever you think is best… :slight_smile:

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Hello all, especially @Sophie_Beese and @manuelpueyo

The presentation is confirmed for May 30th.

The link to the registration form is

My 5 tasks are complete, except payment – I will take care of that as we receive the bill.


In that case, I am afraid I won’t be of much help with the tasks I did for the last presentation (sending confirmation emails and answering questions) as I will be travelling until the 21th of May (included). Happy to take over from the 22nd. @manuelpueyo, any chance you could cover until then?
also tagging @ChrisM as coordinator.

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Thanks @alberto! I guess we’ll need to put some extra effort into getting the word out between now and then…

@Sophie_Beese - I know you’re going away tomorrow (and in a Team Building meeting right now), but could you perhaps call @manuelpueyo tonight or tomorrow morning, just so we can be clear that someone is picking up those tasks you did last time?

Also, this isn’t urgent, but does anyone know if we normally contact people who expressed interest in a previous presentation but didn’t attend it?

It makes sense. For example, Judith. Does anyone have a list?

could you send me the database so I can see who actually registered? i will send them the confirmation emails. thanks

As far as I remember, there was one woman who was not able to attend last time and told us in advance (I marked it in the spreadsheet Manuel has access too) - we could send an email to her? People who expressed interest and didn’t show up are also in that list.

Thanks for taking over @manuelpueyo :slight_smile:

I added you as a collaborator, so you can access the registration by navigating to the link above and clicking on “responses”.

@manuelpueyo we’ll be racing for a day or two… could you let us know as soon as you have created the Facebook event?

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Indeed! In fact, we’ll be racing a bit, in general, to make this presentation worth the effort. Because there was a small delay with me taking over from Lie as coordinator, and another small delay with Victor getting back to Alberto, there is now a sense that we are “cutting it a bit fine”. However! If we can end up with a presentation worth having in this short time, then the momentum of the project will feel pretty healthy :slight_smile:

For this reason, can all @reeflings put an extra effort into getting the word out for the 30th. Manuel will have flyers available for everyone to distribute, and there’ll be social media links available to share…




facebook event created if you can please help us to spread the word by clicking attend or sharing it on your feed


email sent newsletter tool


can you send me the link of the form? i dont see it in my drive . thanks

@manuelpueyo you should see it if you open Drive, then “Shared with me”. Also try this.

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Thanks Manuel… it could use a bit of beautification, a pass on the copy, a nice picture… can you make me co-organizer so I can edit the event?

sounds good, i gave you access as admin

Hmm, I cannot seem to be able to edit the event, though. Are you sure?

@manuelpueyo @alberto, here’s the text that we usually use on top of the form. The thing that matters here is the sentence that says that their registration is automatic. This helps to reduce the number of “I didn’t receive my confirmation email yet?” kind of emails.

This form is to register for the presentation of Cohousing The Reef on 20 April 2023.

Location: MIRO, rue de Mérode 449, 1190 Forest

Starting time: 19:30 (sharp); Doors open: 19:00.

Registration is mandatory and is automatic upon fillling in this form.

You will receive a confirmation by email prior to the meeting (check your spam folder if need be).

More information:

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We have a column in the registration form where people can subscribe to our mailinglist, so if they registered and didn’t show up, normally they should receive an update through the mailinglist.

Another option is the people who sent us an email (Protonmail). They are tagged with a blue label saying “potential new member”. There’s currently two, but I am relatively confident that they registered for the mailinglist.

(Also: apologies for popping in, I needed to screen the thread for the link to form, because somebody asked me to publish the ad on Habitat Groupé - no intention to interfere though :slight_smile: )