Next steps in the summer

Hello @reeflings, I am back in town and ready for the next steps. I expect people will be busier than usual because summer holidays, but let’s see how far we get.

Next dinner

I am happy to host this month, but have very little time. I can only offer you

  • Tuesday 13th
  • Thursday 15th
  • Or move everything to the first week of August.

Okelaar visit

We are invited between 26th and 29th of August. @Lee and I can only make the 29th. If you cannot make it the same day, we can split into two groups.

Brutopia + La Montaigne visits

@Lee to get in touch. It would be good to have an idea of your availabilities.


I wrote to Bernardo. He is happy to meet up, but will only be available in September.

Thank you @alberto, hello @reeflings

Malcolm and I can’t do dinner this coming week, but first week of August would be fine.

We can also join for the visit of De Okelaar on 29th August.

Cheers, Sabine

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Hi everyone,

This week I am still in Brussels but then I leave for Italy until the 16 August.

I will call you for a catch-up, today or tomorrow if ok with you?


Of course! I will be free-est after 16.00 today.

Here are two more events for anybody who would be interested:

I tried to register for the first one. Anyone interested to join?


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hello everone, i am availiable for dinner on the first week of august, during the week not on weekend, looking forward to meet you !

Hello @reeflings , how do you feel about meeting on Thursday 5th, 19.30, at the prototype Reef?

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Hello Alberto ! thanks for organizing this, It works for me

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Hello Alberto, what you propose is fine for me and Malcolm! Please remind us of the address in our Signal chat. Looking forward to it, Sabine

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Thank you for the nice dinner @Lee @alberto, this is the post I told you about legislative updates at brussels local level (written by a law firm) Coliving : la riposte de Bruxelles, Ixelles et Saint-Gilles (mis à jour) | Carnet de route en droit immobilier