Next up in #openvillage: which aspect of funding projects do you want to learn about?

Notes from our community call 5th July. Present: Gehan, Winnie, Frank, Costantino, Fabio, Bernard, Jason, Noemi, Owen, John Coate

Constantino, WeMake in Milano - in opencare are working with the City to organise design workshops and now they are running Makers in Residency program to prototype care products

Breathing Games team - 4 people; working on tech to control lung capacity and games for respiratory diseases; residents at WeMake and running one of the more advanced proj in the residency program

Bernard: engineer, working as technician; doing calibration of sensors

Fabio: in the beginning they were only working on the pressure sensor, then figured they also need to measure the flow, the incoming pressure; worked in Geneva

Team’s experience: distributed teams; managing collaborations online - offline to advance fast development and engage more people -

Jason, University of Bordeaux - works with Guy, Bruno, Luce; they provide expertise in visualization for the opencare conversations. Platform that allows you to look at all the information on Edgeryders.

Frank @Woodbinehealth - what does a revolutionary life look like, create a life at the end of living. Dealing with the materiality of what we’re living with. Communication. We created a health autonomy track. How do you combine wellness approaches with our need for institutions? Guide through institutions - social capital.

Living together: Community as a mental health treatment - building community as a response to a need, esp in the US where there is overarching anxiety around precarity. To contradict that with the corporate welness model - self care.

Winnie - citizen science theme. For the Festival - looking at different aspects, distill common learning on things such as - how to do it better, sharing of knowledge, funding etc.

Owen - social media, pushing out stories, creating imagery and banners

John - US Independence Day…. US is in an identity crisis, very conflicting visions, how and what we should get paid for, v hard not to pay attention to the national dialogue thats going on right now. When I first thought about the math models about how many people there were in the world and how much resources there were - I remember thinking wow, I wonder what that’s going to be like! Well here we are. That’s why I’m in this community.

Coming up next weeks: Brief tours of GraphRyder

Jason took us on a quick tour… here is the live dashboard.

  • Next up: Online demos for members of the community to explore this as a tool. Feedback will help to create online tutorial. This will form the basis of a session at the Open Village where members can ‘play’ with the tool and then Amelia will provide more of an overview of the findings.
  • @Shajara : Potential later link/learning for projects needing data science that don’t have access to data scientists (good for your session?) The insights are fascinating interesting to make the connection to how it’s useful. Harvest ways in which people might use this.

Looking for more contributions and ideas for session on Funding: What would people find useful around how do we pull in the resources?

Interested? Leave a comment below or participate here:

Frank - some people at Woodbine have been studying things like cryptocurrency etc and can feed in ideas about possible contributors.

John - we all have this kind of experience, been to a lot of events and seen a lot of panels. People want to get funded and people with the expertise to help them to do that. If we do bring in ‘experts’ they would be people who are very good at conversing with people about their specific situation - almost brainstorming. Suppose it’s like last year - varying levels of expertise. What is the main thing people want to come away with?

OpenCare itself is a really complicated funding model.

Gehan: Funding is one strategy - but starting from the need question is crucial: what do we need to be able to sustain ourselves and our work? That opens up more radical strategies for exploration.

Costantino: For fablabs, 3 funding channels:

  1. Membership fees
  2. Educational projects and programs
  3. Technical consultancy for research and development. Various topics: e.g. fashion, steam, philanthropic activity, coding, care

Mixed revenue stream is important strategy for financial sustainability.

Breathing Games: Interest in the open money.

Optimisation of resources - where are they and who can access them. We have 2 major problems: 1 is the copyright which creates competition between people and doesn’t allow us to innovate; 2 is the economic system which allows appropriation of the resources by the few.

It seems the current monetary system doesn’t provide resources for citizen science. Use local money. When you want to use the machine. Working for a not-for-profit association. Using many skills and volunteer time. We have a game where you can try transaction - based on gift, mutual credit and so on. You can see how much you can create in each system. Copyright & economic system - which values competition and appropriation of resources for a few. See Open Source Everything manifesto from last year.

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