Next video meeting

ping @anique.yael @alberto @Malka @Raffaele

I’d like us to schedule at least one more video call between now and the event. If people are available tomorrow (Evening -CET/Lunchtime EST) then we could make that work, but i realise this is last minute. Otherwise i think we’re struggling this week because of travel restrictions for me and Alberto

Otherwise there are 2 options for next week. Alberto will you be able to contribute to an evening discussion from Medenine?

Could everyone take a moment to show if they would be available for a call on any of these dates:

  • Tuesday 13th November 18:00 CET
  • Monday 19th November 18:00 CET
  • Wednesday 21st November 18:00 CET

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Done. I have another unpostponable meeting scheduled in timeslot 3 on 21st November FYI

I’ll be traveling tomorrow at 1, so I won’t be able to do a noon call. The other times are fine for me though.

I think everyone has been able to vote and it seems we can all do Monday at 6:00pm CET. I will set this up in the ER calendar and invite everyone.
Speak to you all then!

Can i just check with everyone before we confirm with UNDP.
Is anyone planning on including a visual presentation that will require computers/projectors etc as part of their section of the panel?
If not, my understanding is that we will require 3 microphones, and that is it.

@Malka @Raffaele @alberto?

Not me, no.

Yes, I will almost surely need a projector. I travel with my own laptop, so computer is not a problem

good to know. I will feed back this to the UNDP team and make sure we have a projector available for our session

I can go either way.

I’m also not clear yet on the format (assume we’ll discuss on Monday): are we doing separate presentations? a panel? A combination?

If I have a long solo presentation I may take advantage of having a projector there, but I’m happy to talk without one as well. for a panel I don’t think we need one.

I’ve asked for one anyway, so we can have one available.

Did you see the @anique.yael post here: Did you say speculations? Participatory programming for Econ Sci Fi in Istanbul - #9 by anique.yael? This is the wider framework of the whole Zone. The panel at the heart still needs to be fully formed, so Yes, lets work out the interplay for the 3 of you during the presentation/panel section of the ZoX during the call on Monday

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