nextcloud storage quota is getting full

we got a warning notification from our nextcloud instance at tabdigital, we are using 89% of our storage quota. @alberto we migh need to consider an upgrade and pay more


Hi @manuelpueyo,

I’m all for paying more if that’s what needed, but I wonder whether the majority of the space is not taken up by pictures (mostly of flipcharts).

Could you please shine your IT-literate light on this?

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Sure! i will have a look

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One thing we can delete is all the accounting stuff (plenty of PDFs of invoices). The invoices are now all on FreeAgent.


if we want to have an upgrade of our current instance we need to pay 550 euros annually. I am not sure if they would discount what we already paid for our current config(probably yes). New Disk space would be: 1 TB

Waw, that’s a lot of money.

I tried to have a look in my own IT illiterate way, by right-clicking on the different folders, and it seems to me that the biggest folder by far is the one called “Photos”. If this would be correct, can we maybe find another platform to post our pictures?

nevermind, it was a false alarm :grinning:, actually we are quite good regarding our storage ,

Size: 116.21 GB
Available: 100.53 GB
Used: 14% (15.68 GB)