NGI and Edgeryders at Internetdagarna

  • Organizer: @hugi
  • Location: Stockholm, Sweden

What is it

The Internet Days is Sweden’s most important knowledge hub for policymakers, industry, media and people interested in the internet. The conference is organized by The Swedish Internet Foundation and takes place on November 25-26 in Stockholm.

This event is slightly different than the others at the festival, seeing that Internetdagarna is a sold-out external event. We are bringing the Edgeryders Festival to the participants of Internetdagarna.

Edgeryders have been invited to exhibit at Internetdagarna. We will use this opportunity to interview participants at Internetdagarna and bring the Edgeryders Festival to the event. We do this in the context of NGI and “the Internet of Humans”, focusing on interviewing people about their personal experiences with the internet. By focusing on personal experiences with people who work in the industry, governance, policy and the media we are hoping to find new interesting angles on how people experience the internet today and how they see it developing in the future. We will also talk about the Edgeryders methodology and how SSNA and ethnography is informing the NGI ecosystem.

I will be joined by @BlackForestBoi. I might also supported by one of my friends helping out by doing video interviews. To bring the transcribed and recorded interviews onto the platform, we will use a new interface that makes onboarding participants in the field a lot more efficient.

Internetdagarna help us drive participation to our booth with their RFID game “Blippy” where participants get an RFID chipped badge which they collect points on by going to different stations. Collecting “blips” is a competition with prizes for participants. I think we might get quite a lot of attention,

What I need and how you can engage

There is room for one or two more people, for which I have tickets. Can @MariaEuler make it? If @amelia or @alberto feel like joining to explain the SSNA methodology and perhaps do some “field coding” that would be fantastic. In that case, I just need resources to cover travel and accommodation, something I would also like to have to cover for @BlackForestBoi.

@hugi I could join on the 25th

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That’s fantastic, thank you!

Could you please fill-in the events monitoring form @hugi so we can promote on the project website as well?

Done, it’s on the drive.

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There is some travel budget left for the festival - so I would use that to finance Oliver’ travel.

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I would ask that both you and Oliver post individual post-event posts with a summary of what you learned, and some reflections for future work to explore/ conversations to be had.

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Hi @nadia,
Who is part of the NGI project? I would like to invite someone to speak at this conference, if possible:

Warm regards,

It’s me. Unfortunately, this particular event is sold out. Do you live in Stockholm?

Hi, there are several people in the wider edgeryders community who might be interested. @zelf maybe?