NGI Atlantic experiments

Hi all,

I would like to check if Edgeryders would like to partner to solve some supply chain challenges in the food sector.

The challenge is that there are different ‘tech’ systems that don’t necessarily ‘talk’ to each other as they use their own vocabularies. This causes that food is actually locked in physical places where it is not needed letting other places in EU without food.

I am part of a consortium working on the ‘Data Integration Challenge’ of these systems. Some partners are OGC (, ILVO (, F2FMarket (, EDDA (

Since NGI initiatives have done quite some research in the area of mapping semantic systems, and other related topics, it is recommended to have a NGI partner to support initiatives that are already running.

We would like to apply for several grants, having the NGI Atlantic as a first target for some experimentation, and going for bigger grants as the idea is big.

I would like to have a call with someone in the NGI project to talk about this opportunity for partnership. We will be focusing on covid vocabulary around food.

Concretely I need:

  1. Check if Edgeryders wants to partner on this.
  2. If yes, get general description on the methods already used to integrate them in the proposal.
  3. Give access to our working document.
  4. Agree on budget for the experimentation on NGI Atlantic. Total is 150k for 6 months. Doable with 30k?
  5. Look for bigger grants.

I have ping @nadia on a private message too.

Looking forward to your answers!
Warm regards,


Hi Liliana,
I think good people to discuss this with are @amelia and @noemi as it fits well with two things

  1. our work on Massive Open Online Ethnography and Semantic Social Network Analysis
  2. the discussion we are having ahead of this event, and what follows after: After covid19: while food businesses are failing, can community oriented food projects be the way forward?

(note to @noemi: I need to update you on the call I had with Yannick & CoopCycle yester on a nice process to build something tangible in Brussels out of the food conversation).

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Thanks Nadia for referring me to @amelia and @noemi

Which kind of food are you referring to, essentials (agriculture) or other kinds of food supply businesses?

Happy to hear more about it in the food session next week or in a separate call, perhaps more strategic?

The project proposal was submitted and since budget is limited, it went in the direction of ‘matching’ the different vocabularies for ‘meat’ in the covid context.

I can share more information, and also the proposal in private, and see how to move that forward, maybe for the next experiments on NGI Atlantic, or other calls related to the Afro-food sector.

I am up for a call :slight_smile:

Hello @lylycarrillo, it seems that you no longer need input, just checking that this is indeed the case?

Hi dear @alberto and @noemi,

I will start to work at ILVO in august and I personally would like to explore with the Edgeryders team to participate in one of the coming NGI Atlantic calls or NGI calls.

I will share this post with my (very soon) colleagues Panos and Jurgen, just in case you want to start the conversation without me, as I will be taking holidays starting from tomorrow.

If nothing happens, I will get back to you after my summer break.

Wishing you a great summer!


Sure, @lylycarrillo, will be here :slight_smile:

Hi @alberto and @noemi,

I have just posted something in a different chain of messages: New to this group + saying hello!

We have received the feedback from the NGI Atlantic experiment that we submitted and we would like to resubmit in collaboration with Edgeryders as an NGI expert. I am also interested on the sovereign identity call. Let’s explore! :slight_smile:

Warm regards,