NGI Ethnography Team Calls

  1. How different does a day in your remote/freelancing working life look now as compared to before the pandemic? What new challenges do you face now, and has anything gotten easier than it was before?

  2. Has your experience working since covid happened given you any new insights about your life and how you had structured it before? have you recognised any new values you are now attending more to, or things you took for granted before the pandemic started?

  3. Who takes care of what chores and caretaking responsibilities in your home? Is the distribution of labour in your household what you would want it to be? hHs it changed since the pandemic started? do you have more responsibilities at home, and if so how have you handled this?

  4. What digital tools do you use to do your work? have you started using any new ones since the pandemic started? what tools would help you do your work or make your life easier, do you imagine?

  5. Do you feel well-supported? Do you feel like there is a support system in place when you need extra help? if so, who or what supports you? If not, what would you need to make life easier?

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Agenda for Team Call (Proposed Date/Time Tuesday 16 UK)

  1. AMA Plan Update
  2. @johncoate and @MariaEuler update (if able to attend, no worries if not!) to discuss freelancing event and code priority.
  3. Code review.




Never mind what I wrote before, thought you wanted to move it to a different day. Tuesday 17:00 CET works for me :slight_smile:

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I can make Tuesday at 8.

Agenda items for meeting on Nov 16:

  • Discourse admin status for me and @Leonie
  • AMA debrief
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Bi-weekly meeting notes
Present: @johncoate @alberto @Leonie @katejsim

AMA debriefing
Successful first one! Rich engagement, good stat.

Following up on Anton’s:

  • @alberto will circulate recap post to encourage follow-up engagement
  • In a week’s time, @katejsim will ask Anton to check back in, if he’s able to
  • Based on how this goes, we’ll set up a system of following up on AMAs

Strategies for making AMA discussion more in-depth:

  • Extend beyond one hour for live portion. Half day?
  • Make the introduction post more substantive
  • Ask speakers to answer some questions in the days leading up to spark more interesting discussions during the live session
  • Prep speakers to consider policy implications. One way to do this is to phrase policy questions differently since speakers may not feel they have much to say about “policy.” For example: “If you could wave a magic wand, what would you want to see?”; “What are the biggest obstacles? What makes them difficult and what do you want to see instead?”; “If you could do this again, how would you do it differently?”

Next AMAs

  • We agreed to make the AMAs monthly. Might be good practice to stick to the same time (every second Wednesday of the month, for example). Thoughts?
  • @johncoate and @MariaEuler, are there any topics in particular from our planning thread that you think would be well-received?
  • All the prep work for AMA is in the planning thread. Who’s able to organize the next one?

Code review
@katejsim is working on AI governance threads, @Leonie on infrastructure threads.


id say you need people to have filled in the comment space/get it. active already before we hit the go button on communication and outreach campaign. Engagement, like nature, abhors a vaccuum.

Now done.

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@nextgenethno had to reschedule bi-weekly call tomorrow to Dec 2 at 5pm BST. I know this isn’t your week to join, but pinging @johncoate @MariaEuler as a FYI since we have the AMA coming and all.

Agenda items

  1. NGI while Mia’s away
  2. AMA prep (@Leonie)
  3. Code review

Will be there.

Yep me too

Oh wait - that conflicts with the biweekly team meeting. Same date and time.
BST and CET are the same:

@johncoate are you referring to a different bi-weekly? This one’s just for this week because of @Leonie’s scheduling conflict. Is there something you urgently need to bring up? Otherwise, no worries if you can’t make it.

Right. I need to be at the ER biweekly meeting more than the ethno meeting, but I like the ethno meeting and do need to do some research on the upcoming people for the AMA.

ye, mainly the AMA stuff. Should we have quick check-in regarding that? Maybe we could start 15 min early and just quickly go through that before JOhn and me leave? (Only if you think that would be good to have)

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That’s a good idea, and we’ll stick to that format moving forward, so we spent 15 min on AMA, and the rest is up for codign review.


ok so the call starts 16:45?

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Revised agenda for tomorrow at 5pm BST:

  1. NGI while Mia’s away (5m)
  2. AMA prep (15m)
  3. Code review (40m): coding checklist

@Leonie @amelia , I realize our code reviews usually run crazy over time, so I was thinking we develop a coding checklist of 3-ish items for assessing salience of the codes. It can help us think through our codes individually as we code. And during the review, it can speed up the process and establish consistency. What do you think? Drawing from this ethnography wiki, a few starters I had in mind:

Is your code salient? Does it meaningfully capture the essence of what’s being said?

  • ex) participants discussing whether something is machine learning, AI, etc. → defining terminology

Is your code explicit? Does it make explicit what’s going on?

  • ex) interviews pushing back on dominant ways of framing an issue → nuancing the debate and reframing priorities

Is your code congruent with other codes?

  • ex) if we have already established convention for action-state codes as being --- then stick to the format → being practical and being strategic rather than pragmatism and strategies (former codes also more specific to what’s being captured)

What will it look like on graphryder?

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We still start 17:00?

@katejsim this is excellent, thank you! I would maybe add one more point: is it replicable/dynamic: is it broad enough for it to be relevantly applied across different threads?