NGI Next Steps Survey

We were asked to share among the community the following information:

…it is now time for us to remind everyone that the NGI Next steps survey is open at until 30 November 2021.

This is an opportunity for you, as well as the members of your communities and anyone interested, to contribute to the shaping of the NGI initiative’s next priorities and organisation.

We count on your suggestions, but also your support to activate contributions from your communities.


The Next Generation Internet initiative is deeply engaged in delivering the technologies implementing the vision of an Internet of Humans, providing a trustworthy digital experience to internet end-users with more user choice, control and participation.

Over the last 3 years, NGI has directly funded over 500 individual projects in areas as diverse as security and privacy-enhancing technologies, digital identity, decentralised data governance, new methods of search or core internet technologies. Even more important, it has mobilised more than a thousand of the best European Internet innovators from academia, the open source community, SMEs and start-ups eco-systems who share the vision of building an Internet of Humans.

The Survey:

With Horizon Europe - the new EU research and innovation programme - now fully in place and the window of investment open until 2030, it is time to think about the NGI initiative’s next priorities and how we get organised to reach our ambitious objectives. NGI community members and anyone interested are invited to provide their suggestions on a few themes via this survey. These themes will also be discussed in an Open workshop organised on 18 November (see NGI portal for more details).

The survey consists in 2 initial questions to know who is replying and 4 to 5 substantive questions, asking for suggestions in a completely open way. No substantive question is compulsory so respondents may reply only to the questions they consider most relevant for them. The Commission will synthesise the consultation and the results of the open workshop in a report to be published on the NGI portal.