"NGO – Nothing Going On": a lighthearted approach to broken development programmes

“The movie starts off as a light story about how two young Ugandan men, Tevo and Zizuke, hook up and party with mzungu (white/western) girls. When one of the girls offers to help her newfound Ugandan fling support poor women and children in the slums, the movie takes a sudden twist. Instructed by one of their mentors (Mr. Heineken – a successful Ugandan NGO owner himself), Tevo and Zizuke quickly learn how to play the game when it comes to get a piece of that juicy NGO pie. In order to raise “funds” they pull out all the stops: from a project called “Popcorn for Hope” that is supposed to “empower women” and “build capacity”; to restyling a girl from the slums for a photo shoot, as her chosen outfit does not fit the “African image” for successful fundraising.”

Full story: Film Review: N.G.O. – Nothing Going On | | Africa at LSE

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Oh and also I remember this Kenyan TV series production:

“The Samaritans is a comedy about a dysfunctional non-governmental (non-profit) organization (NGO) that does absolutely nothing. The setting is the Aid for Aid Kenya field office. The staff are preoccupied by the decisions of the head office and hopelessly inept local bureaucrats, while trying to write as many useless reports as possible, all under the guise of ‘saving’ Africa.” [source]

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