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Group of parents with diabetic children

Few lines description:

  • Is it a device / software / service

NightScout is a software that allows users’ to have on time visibility of glucose levels of people suffering from diabetes type 1.

  • Type of community involved (elders, deaf/blind/autism… disability, etc)

The project started from parents of children with Diabetes type 1, in order to fulfill the need of allowing the to leave a normal life without the necessity of being continuously together to check the glucose levels. It can be used by anyone who believes that its usage would be helpful.

  • What is the solution proposed
    • How is the project currently affecting users’ life?

These data can be visualized on phone, smartwatch, pc, by using a cable and sending data to a server, and it doesn’t require the physical presence of the diabetic person.

  • Is the project developed or still in the development phase?

The project is developed, meaning that it can be currently used by anyone. On the other hand there are still problems and bugs that need to be fixed but the project is fueled by a rich community.

  • How is it open?
    • What kind of license did they use to publish it? (links to documentation/repo are welcome)

NightScout is completely open source and accessible to everyone, a license is not specified.

    • Can you clone/fork it?

Nightscout repositories on github can be cloned and forked

    • Is it freely available?

The software  is free, but it requires the costs for device (like smartphone, smartwatch) and cable to connect monitor and device.

    • Who is the owner of user data?
    • Is the community involved in the design process? If yes, how? (is the project offering a solution for the creator needs? Is the project offering a solution for someone close to the creator?)

This project started as a bottom up need to make parents and diabetic children’s life easier. It is currently involving a wide range of people, who are mainly based on social media groups such as Facebook Pages. Everything is supported by the Night Scout no profit foundation.

  • How does it “care”?
    • Does it solve a medical issue?
    • Does it solve a social issue?
    • Does it solve an everyday issue for a specific (disadvantaged) community?

Yes for questions 2 and 3, normally the glucose level can be checked only within 20 feet of distance from the diabetic person. In this way parents can feel more comfortable with giving space and indipendency to their children, having the possibility to monitor the level continuously remotely.


Open source and DIY tools as the future…

Hi @Moushira, long time no seeing! Reading your post about this case also spotted by @Alberto a while ago (Hacking Diabetes) makes me think that between Night Scouts here, the connected diy insulin pumping device, open sourcing pacemakers and many others we’re slowly discovering, making people autonomous with respect to their health is only a matter of time and reach. And it’s not just vanilla self-assistance, this is real medical treatment.

It would be great to be able to contact one of the Night Scout community members (users), do you know someone or should we try to get in touch and invite them to OpenCare? We can do this by offering a writing fellowship opportunity. Let me know!

Sounds interesting @Noemi,  we don’t know anyone in particular from Night Scout, but, indeed, it would be good to let them know about OpenCare.  Thanks!

Invite sent.

I messaged them on their website contact form, let’s see.