No-no Edgeryders™, no-no unMonastery™, no-no MT2019™ - sick and tired of branding

[EDIT: originally I used in VERY INAPPROPRIATE way for this context word F*** in a title. Now I correct myself with replacing it with much more softly put no-no. If you have read this post before and felt offended, I apologize you for that, without expecting forgiveness. If you about to read it for the first time please read it with a grain of salt since I don’t fully agree with myself about what I state here. Call me mad - no problemo ;)]

Haha, crazy #elf throws the F*** word all around! Please don’t feel offended, I don’t swear at people but simply have fun cursing trademarks, branding, and all those kinky fetishes we keep coming up with!

I do admit that I find certain frustration related to my perception of people often getting stuck around brands. If you look at my short post about Freespace, Emerging Leader Labs, MakeSense you will find only 2 replies from @Noemi and @Dorotea on the last one. For contrast unMonastery™ Bergamo post by @Bergamo-Hub sparks 31 comments discussion. Of course one can reason that I simply envy popularity of other topics and just can’t accept that I myself poorly chose topics for discussion. Well, maybe I do, maybe I just suffer Cognitive dissonance and you can simply stop wasting your time reading any further…

The Fox and the Grapes” by Aesop. When the fox fails to reach the grapes, he decides he does not want them after all.Rationalization (making excuses) is often involved in reducing anxiety about conflicting cognitions, according to cognitive dissonance theory.

I remember @Nadia, during OuiShare Fest 2014 in Paris, saying that she does notice us often having certain tendencies to for getting very attached to brands. And no, I don’t think it justifies in any way my rude behavior here :wink:

To stay fair I also can recall happenings which show other, not so much pro-brands tendencies. I feel very proud of @Ben that even while holding quite sensitive role during unMonastery:Matera Pilot Session #1, he said NO to attempts of our dear and beloved fanatics of Comitato Matera 2019 fame to place branding sign of unMonastery and MT2019 on a walls of Palazzo del Casale, I guess as a part of their mass propaganda campaign //#TODO tweet this.url @Matera2019 

While on the topics of the ungenious Matera bid for European Capital of Culture 2019. I must admit, feeling ashamed (or at least thinking I should), that I didn’t take that much time so far to discuss this idea. I don’t doubt in positive intentions of people running MT2019 Committee, still I feel free to develop quite critical opinion about their strategy, of course after I take little more time to understand it better. I would very much like to see references to conversations, from pre-launch stage of unMonastery:Matera Pilot Session #1, where people debate strengths and weaknesses of their strategy. Also having higher odds of NOT becoming Capital of Culture 2019, I would find it much more interesting to see plans of revitalizing this town without holing this supposedly prestigious ECOC title! Maybe this would become the strongest contribution we can offer to local community if we don’t get distracted by ECOC rat race? I can recall @rossellatarantino mentioning some intention in the past to co-operate with other cities participating in this happening. Sadly only those which she has referred to as Italian, but always something :wink:

I plan to leave Matera in 3 weeks and till then have already way too much on my plate, still maybe someone would still like to explore this direction. I’ve heard about many people in Matera having very negative opinion about MT2019, maybe with some skilled encouragement we can help those people to channel this negativity into some positive creative actions?

As you may have noticed, If you bothered to read all this mad ramblings, that I don’t draw any clear conclusions or go in very precise directions. I see this post, besides just exercising my poor writing skills, as sort of an attempt to throw a wrench in our mental gears and encourage us all to question our mental patterns and pay attention to our habits and tendencies. Disappointed? Ha… to bad :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S. Please don’t worry, I don’t feel angry at all and could laugh at myself writing parts of this post! :wink:

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Before having a conversation at all…

@elf Pavlik I couldn’t even get past the title and first paragraph.

While a lot of us here know what a gentle person you are, having met you face to face, the way you decided to title this is subject to so many interpretations eg for newcomers who may not even know what Edgeryders is and are just beginning to. Even if it wouldn’t be, it looks kinda bad and for what you know someone is reading who doesn’t even care what you really mean and then we all stand to lose :frowning: Care to reconsider the titling even when it might lower the response rate you are hoping for?

We have very little written in the User Manual on wording and being respectful to others, but please refer to it…


thank you for reminding me about RT*M mantra :wink:


My impression is, @elf Pavlik, that posts that attract a lot of response (and succeed in prompting change) are specific. Instead of just saying “Hey, why MakeSense is not collaborating with Edgeryders projects”, which will not do much for people who don’t really know MakeSense, you, trying to make the connection, may want to post some specific features of MakeSense community that would aid specific problems (and possibly naming specific ER projects to make sure they catch the idea). Or, instead of shouting “f*ck branding!” you can point to specific problems in a project (MT2019–>unMon challenges for example) and keep pointing at possible collaborations. (Also, finding the right platform to be heard is key.)

Ultimately, I agree with you. Having just watched the videos about MakeSense and Hold-Up, it seems to me that it would be brilliant for the unMonastery and MT2019 to work with them. Also, trying to sketch a Theory of Change for unMonastery, I made that diagram thing for the evaluation, and it really asks the same questions - is the bid relevant to the problems of people in Matera, are the challenges given to the unMonastery relevant, are the ways we have been trying to solve them relevant, etc etc.

On the other hand I dislike the aggressive shape of this conversation starter. Really, this is how you prompt people to think? I doubt angry shouting, or the equivalent of it on this platform, ever brings a lot of sharing and communication and collaboration (and solutions) to the table.

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Reading you Five *

Thank you @katalin for sharing this valuable feedback!

Listen up, Bembo in da house

Uncle @Bembo Davies replied to me over email with link to one of his (mad?) ramblings written during his stay in Matera:

I assume he didn’t post it in a comment here as a sign of disapproval for me publishing this post, I know that now he knows how to log in to ER platform thanks to the simplicity of Mozilla Persona, which means no more technical obstacles which could have stopped him.


Yesterday after Umea 2014 e Matera 2019 event I had chance to speak shortly with @rossellatarantino and Paolo Verri. They confirmed what @Alberto have written to me in email where he shared his opinion about this post (unpublished by @Nadia at that time) - people running Comitato Matera 2019 do work on strategy which doesn’t require ‘winning’ ECOC title! As I said in my tweet of this post at @Matera2019 “proving me wrong can make me happy”!

Of course one can say that I could find more graceful way to start clarify this topic. In theory yes, I could! In practice maybe I just didn’t feel in power to search for nicer path and just didn’t want confusion around the ECOC kept making me feel sick. I don’t remember us having mature discussions around this topic, on contrary I can recall many gossips including @Bembo Davies sharing on random occasions some of his dramaturgic fantasies around this theme. Us deciding to put MT2019 on: outside of discussion rethinking our direction list, didn’t contribute to creating optimistic atmosphere for clarifying something we somehow managed to keep rather blurry.

Yesterday I also had chance to re-meet Andrea Santantonio after hearing him asking very relevant question during Q&A round of the panel discussion. He expressed strong interest in learning more about this strategy which doesn’t depend on ECOC title.

On funny side @ilariadauria gave me MT2019 badge yesterday after entering the event. I hesitated shortly but in the spirit of let’s try it and see what happens I placed it on my chest. I tried to at least turn it upside down but unfortunately with the design of that logo it didn’t make much visual difference. Maybe designing strategy in similar way would also make it immune to the outcomes of this whole ECOC game?