Noemi and Chris Interview

@noemi: About a place and a space. We have to be somewhere. Not a matter of need Identifzy with the place, difference between home and house?

Chris: My open village would my home I leave in Scotland but don t know if this is my home now


**@noemi: What is open? What is open or close?

Chris: Internet is open because there is no control to control.Telling others what to do, be able to say no .It s about being open and close.Associative is not a collective (government, company) people do not participate in it, they are alienated to them. Open village are associative.Part of the foundation, we need to have the right metaphysical foundation. Book zen and the art of motorcycle.The art of it is the question about and / or either or Stall-man and opensource / free.In Scotland in a trial, you can be guilty, not guilty or unproven.Everything we do is about an agreement. Law is code.For me I want to do write the code of a protocol to allow anybody to live.Care is not valued.Debt, shares are instruments Instruments can be obsolete.If you got the land, you got the resources, why do you need money.


@noemi: Do you Practice?

Chris: I am busy to by a common property. I organize the film. The art of flirting (not floating). We try do make it without money. About risk sharing and producing value.

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