Nonviolent communication introduction course (8-9 October, Brussels)

I received an invitation for a two-day introductory course on NVC. I saved it on Nextcloud (internal link - sadly no public link available). The whole weekend costs 230 euro.


Great info! I’m definitely going to attend this :slight_smile:

Is the file on Nextcloud where this info was the only place currently to see what trainings are available with regard to NVC, sociocracy etc.? I would be happy to set up an ‘Ongoing training’ file and keep it up to date, if there isn’t something like that somewhere on the platform already…

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I like the idea, but it’s not fully clear to me yet what would go into this folder. The reason is this: because of our commitment to open source, we try to put as much information as possible on the Edgeryders forum, so that other people can also enjoy the benefits of the information that we gather. Normally all trainings are announced somewhere on the web, so in practice we would rarely need to save something on Nextcloud because we received something via email and it can’t be found online.

How about we create a “Learning and training courses” folder? In that folder we could put 1) the “Books and manuals” folder, 2) the training courses that we develop internally, and 3) non-public links to training course materials from courses that we followed?

Sounds good! In the future, as things get bigger and more established, each subfolder may need to be separated into topics like cohousing, NVC and sociocracy, skills we haven’t even thought of yet, etc. :slight_smile:

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