Noor Solar Park

the solar park is classifier 7th most bigger in the world ,with a power of 160 MW in 2017, and it contines to extend in 2019 in order to reach 580 MW.

First ther is Noor 1 installed in 420 hectares.
and we are waiting for Noor III and IV knowing that it will cost 2 Billions Euros divided between Moroccan Agency For Solar Energy - Masen and a Saoudian invester.


Welcome, @akramac, and wow. A massive project.

But who is “we” in this sentence?

“We” represent all actors who care about the green energy .

hey @Akramac welcome at edgeryders.
so are you involved in the project ? can you tell us more info about how this project came to life ? is it all public money or is their a public private partnership involved ? how did work out in the Moroccan context, is energy subsidized by the government ?

I come from Egypt and Energy was and still a very hot topic, Government going different ways solar coal and probably nuclear in el dabaa :S - and some private actors in the solar energy. but the road map is not that clear, promising as people like karmsolar can survive and grow. but not easy.

so I am curious to know more about the context of around this project