Not- Common Ground: the new cooperative by CLTB launched

Today I attended the presentation webinar of the new cooperative by Community Land Trust Brussels. In 2019 Edgeryders had been involved in the design meeting leading to its launch (thread).

The new cooperative should have launched in March 2020, but was overwhelmed by COVID. It was finally started later in the same year, and it now exists. It does not have a name yet, (“Common Ground” apparently is claimed by a litigious company.

The cooperative is essentially a AIS (Agence Immobilière Sociale). As I understand it, it tried to serve people who want to rent or buy reasonably priced housing (or non-residential social spaces) in Brussels, by conveying the rent they pay into a financial mechanism made of own cooperative resources (from cooperators + citizen loans + banking loans). This mechanism buys land that is then forever subtracted to the real estate market. The buildings on that land, on the other hand, are still sellable. This is the CLTB method, of course, but applied – in theory – to a broader spectrum of usages than social housing.

In practice, the first three projects in Brussels are all on CLTB land. Practically all the emphasis is on social housing. The webinar did not really mention “green” at all, the need for affordable housing is much more urgent. My personal impression is that there is little that The Reef can do with them. Recommendation: disengage.

To become members, there is a form here

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thank you for the summary alberto. did they mention in which neighborhood they will build the first 3 projects?

Yes, @manuelpueyo. One is in Forest; another one in Schaerbeek (I think), but only a space for associations. The third one is in Molenbeek. All three are on CLTB land. They had a slide deck, which they should make available.

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@alberto did you have time to have a look at the pdf from cohousing projects?

Yes, I did. What do you think?

One of my girlfriends and I also did a first pass on the future Reef minisite here. We think we need a website as a “business card”. We are also signed up for two Cohousing Projects info-webinars this week. Ping @Malcolm @Sabine_B_Frank.

I did not read it.
What happened to the previous reef website? is still half up

i can help you out with that “website as business card” if you need me

Bit rot. A bit of patience and we will redirect the domain to the new one.