Notable Characters

The Assembly

Arguably the most famous citizen is Flo Royal herself, who, after the band imploded, spent significant amounts of time aiding fledgeling collectives and today is the closest that The Assembly will admit to having a single spokesperson. Under her leadership, a new CTRL + ALT + REVOLUTION put out CHRONICLES OF STRUGGLE and CHOP WOOD, CARRY WATER, two albums that serve as documentaries on the process of building the Assembly. It should be noted that her work has lost most of its symphonic metal elements for gentler trance work. She and her CTRL + ALT + Townhalls remain an institution unto themselves.

Just as revered is Donovan Gordillo , often good-naturedly called Soilfather , for his work in bringing the Assembly to agricultural independence and for his fierce campaigning against the spread of foreign currency in the Assembly. Gordillo is widely considered to be the top authority on antifragile collective-building and often borders on being a Revolutionist, despite never taking the position. Nevertheless, it’s a common saying that when the revolution comes, Gordillo will be there at the back, feeding the rebels.

Tyson Jayawardana and Nikita Bourlag are seen as savants who continue such work for the greater good, and generally have little to say other than on transport and food respectively - but while Jayawardana often works alongside his Guild, Bourlag is seen more as an outsider with a gift that it would be foolish to ignore.

Another popular citizen is the poet and archivist Chen Da Jiang , whose interDistrikt photography, Diaries of Water (a nuanced pseudo-epic on the founding of the Assembly, told from the perspective of the ocean, and sometimes running counter to what was popularized by CTRL + ALT + REVOLUTION) and Humans of Witness (a long-running interview project) have made them a darling of both people and aethnographers.

The longest-serving Revolutionist, and the most faithful adherent of the system, is Anagram Vho , who after CTRL + ALT + REVOLUTION’s dissolution took on the task of ‘balancing’ religious influences from the Covenant. Sometimes accused of religious persecution, Rose views religion as a unwelcome hegemony and a shadow power structure that goes against the ideals of the Assembly.


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Octavia Dirk
Megan Rilke
Karunasalam Balraj
Alban Leo

The Covenant

Alban Leo Monk
The Auctoritatis is an institution unto themselves. The opulence of their surroundings, the tight security, the almost mythical taciturnity of the upper levels of the Officium, and the moral authority combine to make the leader of the Covenant a tourist attraction and an extremely powerful religious figure throughout Witness.
Cottica , the anonymous poet-economist who has revealed so much about the inner workings of the Covenant. Originally hunted by Covenant agents, she was extracted and offered asylum in Hygge; she has since gone on to study both the Assembly and Avantgrid (she has a noted dislike for Libria) and has been accorded honorary citizen status in both those domains. Very few people know who she actually is, or can recognize her; all that is seen are respectful snippets like the one from Anagram Dias, which appeared in New Horizons serial 641.

Dandelion Republic

Tomas Dieters: primary compiler of the social contract, is one of the highest authorities recognized in the DR; the Dieters Cultural Seed Fund is named in his honor. Dieters also enjoys a rare status as a guest policymaker in neighboring Hygge, out of respect for his skills.

R. Cahn: Governor-Servant of the Dandelion Bank has been a steady pioneer and refiner of the DR’s system of exchange. While the State Machine maintains the in-Distrikt exchange and the price of goods, Cahn oversees the infrastructure (both physical and otherwise) in implementing and maintaining an equal quality of service for all.


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Ivan Tiburón . Libria’s most famous hypercapitalist inventor combines the public image of an eternally delighted mad scientist and a ruthlessly Machiavellian sense for business and politics. Tiburón and his children - Eskar, Damask and Rafielle - dominate much of the social conversation of Libria on a year-round cycle carefully determined by an extensive PR team. Uusually, Ivan is showing off a prototype machine of some sort, or a new find salvaged from Old New York or Delhi; or Eskar is causing scandal for his running around with models and partygoers from Club Hedon; Damask has produced yet another mind-blowing public AR spectacle, or Rafielle, who leads Tiburón’s wetware and black ops, is at the forefront of a clash with rivals.

Augustine S.A. Hayek. Libria’s head of the Night Watchmen. Revered for her role in the Third March of the Voiceless, Hayek rules the streets with equal parts vigilance and philosophy. Her particular role makes her the closest Libria has to a spokesperson for its value structure, and aethnographers have learned not to underestimate her intellectual calibre, spy network or the regard that most Librians hold for her.

DJeremiah . Libria’s #1 celebrity DJ (and now a venture capitalist) has a famously checkered past: he played for CTRL + ALT + REVOLUTION, the band that founded The Assembly of People - #2 by alberto. His record label, the Rising Sun, is one of the most sought-after deals by up-and-coming street musicians.

Megan Rilke and Karunasalam Balraj . Less a popular combination and more as a cautionary tale in power. Some who were at the Third March celebrate them and the Marches by lighting paper lanterns on the 14th of April. This practice quickly caught on; but their names have more or less fallen into memory; only the lanterns remain.