Notes for the LOTE4 community call: 25.05.14

Table of contents


Conference dates:

  • 19-20: Arrivals
  • 21-22: Hackathon (pretty much done, 3 sessions roughly: 2 starting on 21st and Kiderwind on the 20th)
  • 23: new arrivals
  • 24-25: Main event
  • 26: unConference (breathing program); afternoon closing
  • 26-28: Departure

Program architecture (Ben, Alberto, Noemi)

  1. Core structure should come with panel sessions, intro sessions and wrap up sessions, for each track. 
  2. guidance to curators as to how productive interaction could play out. 
  3. tag sessions according to the 3 conference tracks they belong to (stewarding digital assets, physical assets, and communities)
  4. Who’s (really) coming? (Natalia, Noemi)
  5. Minisite page
  6. 25 participants so far have gone through the MakerFox ticketing system, more are coming that we don’t know of ? (Ben); hackathon crowd unlisted yet, except for Marc
  7. missing: Leo, Remy,
  8.  3 VIPs confirmed (Fabrizio Barca, Amelia Andersdotter, Robin Chase)
  9. Natalia managing tickets, in touch with MT2019 to book for curators
  10. Travel planning: look into costs of large hostel rooms at Le Monacelle

Event setup at unMonastery

unMonastery Lite  (Katalin, Bembo)

-no. of beds: 14-15 spots -> who is default and who should we invite?

-make it clear it’s not a crash space:

-staff identifiers needed (pins, badges, whistles?)

Logistics (Natalia, MT2019)

-room configuration: starting next call

-order catering and materials

Notes – Issues

Good proposal by Bembo to gracefully weave the sessions in as they come in, respecting the high level architecture of course. (4 sessions a day per room).

The hackathon is finished at three sessions. Space setup on the 20th, work on the 21-22. The hackathon group to help setup the space on the 20th (Alberto confirmed for this, Dorotea perhaps).

People are coming that we don’t know. How to make sure they are accounted for? Invent a way for people to come onboard at the last minute without breaking the social contract. A part of it needs to be that people let us know they are coming with a 2-click procedure, then we give them something to do once they are here. At that point it is realistic to say “if you are not on this list, you are not coming”). We also need to account for the local people in Matera, who are telling each other they will come but are NOT signing up. Maybe we could ask someone from Matera to coordinate on this, come up with a number of people from Matera who will be coming, and hopefully a list. Maybe a week ahead of time close signup.

Need to be in contact with Natalia if you want to stay at unMon during Lote4

How to organize kitchen and meals?

Katalin: it’s not really unMonastery Lite, it’s unMonastery guests; she’d like it to be a place hosting those who arrive late or don’t have accommodation; cooking frugal dinners (“nomadic dinners”). Important: all these initiatives need to be on the platform somewhere.

Something to do for people who come: Garbage Teams. Garbage is very visible, and needs to be disposed of several times a day during a conference. People can be attached to garbage teams.

Possible to put out call for people who might be able to do specific unMonastery tasks.

Notes: to do

Alberto and Noemi to do a stub of the high level program. Here we need to make a decision on whether the unconference part is one day or split in time slots across all days. Bembo wants to be involved: but everybody will be, as the framework will start as a stub and be plenty negotiable.

Everyone: Good idea to go to a few session proposals and leave some comments, give presenters/hosts feedback and support.

Bembo to write a guide to LOTE discipline. Making sure that people are aware of cultural differences and respect them.

Actionable (unassigned): create briefs for curators once a first version of the program is up (what is expected of them); pair seniors with an Edgeryder - curation would mean thinking ahead and pinging session leaders to talk about key things. Who does this?

Katalin + unMonasterians to write a detailed plan for staying at the house. Start by getting in touch with Natalia and put up a list of people to be hosted there? 4-5 unMonks (Katalin, Kei, Ben, Bembo, Maria, Lucia, Emanuele) + hackathon group (Leo, Remi, Marc) + others participating, potentially leaving room for late arrivers;

! The issue of who stays there is important, many people are looking to book in Matera or have limited resources, better to know this ahead.

Dorotea to get in touch with list of Berlin crew coming to Lote4 & practical arrangements

Nicola to open a session on the very politically hot problem of oil extraction in Basilicata. Also reflecting on a session called “The impact of applying for being European City of Culture on Matera”, as seen from locals and foreigners who know Matera.

Bembo and Ksenia to familiarize themselves with the sessions as they come. /t/lote4-the-stewardship/359-the-program

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Natalia should be on board with this

I’d like to ping @Natalia_Skoczylas and suggest we start conversation here as emailing and hangouts are more time consuming for me at the moment, having just gone out of one. Read the above to pick on those things involving you?

Re: participants - update the spreadsheets with the following who seem to be coming but may not have gotten tickets yet? Gaia (submitted a session), Dorotea (hosts Berlin meetups), Danohu (Daniel O’Huiginn), Remy Cagnol (submitted session), SamMuirhead (submitted session). Bembo seems to be lost as to what to do, touch base with him?

Hope you arrived safe and sound in Matera :slight_smile:

We did not discuss making the event child-friendly

I forgot about it, was following Noemi’s agenda. Oh well.

Ok, one payment is missing @SamMuirhead as he seems not to have an account on Makerfox - pinging therefore. As soon as the trasfers are pushed, I will send all the missing tickets. The spreadsheet with tasks progress has all the information about the arrivals - those who have yes in the last columns, have said yes, mostly accompanied with an information that they have tickets already.

@Noemi, pass me please contacts to the agency. I have some booking to do;)

unMon plan for staying in the house

@Bembo_Davies & @katalin quick thought as you are coming up with a plan: aside from the house residents during the main event, don’t forget to think about the people attending the hackathon, and if there is a way to put them in or not, maybe before others come in? This also needs to be clear…