Notes from the team biweekly 23/9/20


We had a long call today to discuss some of the issues that I’ll try to summarize here. Present in the call: @nadia, @noemi, @MariaEuler, @IvanC, @amelia

  • the NGI review meeting happened today, it went quite well, not a lot of questions from the reviewers for us. The notes and some comments can be found here. The full written feedback from the reviewers is coming up.

  • POPREBEL strategy discussion/conclusion: we are moving forward as planned, engaging communities in all countries as promised in the GA, also Serbia (although the issue with the Belgrade team is still open, pending the UCL and a possible separate meeting). This means we are:

    • doing targeted outreach and online events to engage communities in the Eastern Europe.
    • Polish community manager was hired, we will be hiring Serbian ones as subcontractors (as per the first GA amendment). We need to inform Jan about it too. The reasoning is this will still bring in the value for the conversations on the platform, although they might not be actually coded in Serbian. We do what we promise in the GA.
  • POPREBEL advisory board is on Friday, @alberto and I will be there, it would be good that other team members could join and stand by (Noemi, Nadia or Amelia) in case questions come up. We will need to report on what is happening in our WP and on Covid and mitigation plans (we filled the requested forms for this).

  • Making team collaboration more efficient. This is linked to Amelia’s post. We agreed everyone should make effort to attend the biweekly meetings. I will be making and sharing the agenda on Mondays before the call. It will be based on the most pressing issues for both H2020 projects at that particular moment.

  • Meeting in Brussels to talk about procedures and lower the burden when it comes to reporting. We can improve the tools we are already using and agree on some new ones (such as Todoist instead of Dynalist). Aim: avoid duplication and structure information in a better way. This is the topic of next Monday’s morning meeting that @IvanC introduced. It will probably happen somewhere outside in Brussels. tbc.

cc @johncoate @alberto @matthias @hugi


the biweekly meetings. I will be making and sharing the agenda on Mondays before the call

And to be clear, the call is on Wednesdays, yes?


Thanks Marina,
For the restructuring of processes to help with the projects’ administration, I propose a day in October when more of us can be there - we can meet in the Brussels office.

Maybe good to give Jan a headsup if needed, before Friday’s meeting. See you there!

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Ok ahead of this I asked @ivanC to have individual calls with each of us running teams and with @marina to identify the pain points in terms of workflow. So we keep the meeting in October very focused on solving the issues rather than discussing them in detail. Works?


Thanks Marina, this is quite clear. I replied also on the collaboration thread.