Notes from the team call, Tuesday 26/02/2019

​Notes from the team check-in. I guess I left out some stuff, please feel free to add or change things :slight_smile: And I missed John’s update!

Hugi has recently joined the NGI project and is now catching up; He is also working on a proposal for 100K grant for the SSNA Fiction-writing project: collaborative improvised fiction art using SSNA (only for Swedish entities)

How to have collaborators there apply and make the case that it should be an ER project?
Another challenge: With Participio the Borderland community - hard to get people on Edgeryders. How to encourage them to use it, and what would be the purpose?

One way is for Natalia and Noemi to join Borderland event and bring an ER contingent there this summer

Amelia is currently working on H2020 projects and POPREBEL. Will be in Krakow on March 20-22 with her training and a talk at the Fatigue project; Currently working on the call for ethnographers. Hoping we can get people to the training in April in Brussels.
Her frustration is communication - there is a sense of people from both (project) teams having to be on the platform, and it’s difficult to get them on board.

Natalia Now is working on community management in POPREBEL, outreach events too. Community managing Trust in Play (with Matteo U); going to an art event in Riga ArtGora, around gender equality in mid-April, also as a student of Culture Backstage program for cultural entrepreneurs will go to Paris and take part in an event organized in Gaite Lyrique with Creature - for cultural professionals. Two chances to mingle with culture people. And I got invited to join the summer school in scriptwriting, for which I also helped invite Matteo - this is in Bulgaria in August, also a great chance to expand my network.

What I’d like to have is us constantly honing our offer and an idea of what we want to do, so I have stuff to preset.

Hugi suggests holding one of the meetings in Sweden - LARP is world famous, the gaming community is huge and he could possibly bring some of them to the space, or run a game at Borderland and crowdfund it.

Matthias has switched biofab forum on the discourse federated setup. they have their own platform now. Was also contacted by Gilda, who retired from Council of Europe and offered him a collaboration, if a project passes. He also started some trials with Paycoupons - the platform is ready in terms of software, but it does not have a community. Kathmandu sounded promising as a startup environment, but we’re also starting something in Venezuela, in response to the crisis, for which we always imagined this platform to work well. He is also looking for ideas - what could be offered on the marketplace?

Noemi is planning a series of talks about space/sustainable access to physical spaces and arts and culture, with people who founded ARP and Jubilee in Brussels. We could have a distributed network of events analyzing the same problem in cities in Europe and learning from it. It’s not only interesting and relevant but also helps us establish ourselves in the European cultural scene. We also need someone to do communication for us - working on hiring someone, to get the word out about work we do. We also want to have a website for culture squad and some graphic materials to make it pretty.

Alberto is continuing his work on Climate-KIC proposal, he spoke to Michelle and put together a new version of the Reef vision to present to their internal meeting on March 11th.


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Thank you so much for putting this together dear!
Interesting that you chose “Hatchery” for this.

Pageing @bob who missed it but might have ideas…
Bob where are you now? Do you need help or support from us?

My takeaway:

2019 is the year we all need to get to Stockholm and support Hugi and the Edgeryders cotingent there as much as we can.

Thanks Noemi. I’m back in Edinburgh for March but will be out most of April and part of May. Charles Landry wants to collaborate with Bureaucrat Hackers. He’s involved in Creative Bureaucracy Festivals in 4-5 countries now. We’ve been trying to get responses from Millie and Mao. At last Mao replied and wanted to participate in a Skype call. When we tried to bring her into the call, there was no answer. Have you or @alberto heard anything?

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My report didn’t happen because a tree fell across my road while the call was going on and crashed all the power lines to the ground. Been raining here for weeks…

My focus is on NGI. I am glad to see an uptick in participation there. I definitely hope the NGI partners level of buy-in equals or at least approaches what we have with POPREBEL. We need to keep to the training schedule for early April. I will be coming to Brussels probably last week of March until about April 12. I have one trip to Utrecht and Amsterdam planned for a couple of days but otherwise, I’ll be at or near the Reef.


Not me… I havent heard back since your intro of the opportunity to Millie. @Alberto?

@johncoate @amelia fyi I blocked the Reef guest room from March 22nd - April 12th. One of you will have to book elsewhere, let me know if you will need help.
I will be leaving Brussels on April 15th, so great great timing!

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I have been chasing the liaison with DG DEVCO, which has not materialized so far. I don’t think anything is going to come out of that.

I’m thinking March 25-April 12

@johncoate should take the room, I can book elsewhere! :slight_smile:

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But but that is what I was about to say!