Notes from Virtual Cafe Wednesday 13 November at 18:00 - updates on the events in PL, CZ and SRB

@noemi started with presenting basic rules for festival: freedom for all participants – say them to feel free to take a break, breathe fresh air – anything which support everybody’s comfortable feeling. Than @zalesjan started to talk about the hackathon about living in Brno. There was full room of participants, there was an introduction about Edgeryders in the beginning and than was participants ask for participate also on ER – people from hackathon started to write their stories on the platform, @natalia_skoczylas added also information to connect with other people dealing with similar issues in other countries – specifically in Poland. Jan is managing the big email for all participants from hackathon to stimulate them to start / continue share their stories / projects to the ER. Noemi proposed to keep their actual energy on ER in long term perspective (next year) – also to connect people from Brno and Prague together, because the topics are quite similar. @kuba_svehla than started to summarise POPrebel in Prague, with @Jirka_Kocian they are expecting around 15 people to come for the workshop, Jakub re-sent them email with RSVP to their attendance. Noemi than talked about the documents need to be taken within the festivals – its quality photos, notes – transcripts what people will say about the certain topics (it is more relevant for Edgeryders than to have only the final evaluation, which is also necessary). It is also better to use computers for transcriptions and for other documentation to avoid hours and hours of additional re-writing into computer.

Next week we will have last call before the events, so please, everybody prepare your final additional questions, but everything should be almost prepared.


You rock, thanks so much for this.

Thank you for the update, I was on a plane… good luck!

From our side preparations are in full steam! I have talked to @zalesjan before and after the event multiple times, now I am waiting for his deliveries. We have a few days, an internal deadline, for stories to pour in.

Let me know if you need a call for the prague meeting anytime soon. And in Poland full lineup has been revealed, now we ask everyone to share the event in their networks and get the stories rolling.

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