Now hiring: Copywriter

This is a call for a person who can edit and elaborate texts in English for marketing purposes, but capable of adapting texts in different forms – from academic to informal language in coordination with the project manager.

The priorities are quality and time. Economic and literary backgrounds are required.

The background to this work are the webinars organised through the Sci-Fi Economics Lab project, which brought together academic economists, policy makers and science fiction authors to examine alternative economic realities as a starting pointof an exploration of what a thriving climate responsible economy would look like.

Production responsibilities

  • Provide copywriting service for a follow up marketing production of the webinars on short deadline


The person will be hired as a service provider contract and engaged for one month for an estimate of 1 week of work.

Remuneration will be agreed on based on mutually convened deliverables at the contract negotiation phase following this call. The reason for this is that we are aware of different skill levels, hourly rate and time constraints that candidates might have, and wish to be able to accommodate that.

How to apply

Email with “Copywriter” in the subject header or leave a comment to this post expressing your interest.

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