Now hiring: curators for the Matera 2019 program

** Apply by May 28th ** Some folks in Edgeryders may know that I collaborate with the Italian city of Matera as it launches a bid to be European City of Culture 2019. In fact, the unMonastery Matera prototype is framed as a MT2019 pilot project.

The folks in Matera have (wisely, in my humble opinion) decided they don’t want an artistic director: rather, they eant to involve curators “to identify and develop key cultural projects based on European co-operation and/or co-production that will form the backbone of the cultural programme of the Matera 2019 application.”

The city is super-beautiful and friendly, and it looks like an interesting gig. If you are  interested in applying, download the call (in English – Italian and non-Italian candidates are equally encouraged to apply). I am available for anyone who has questions about Matera. This writeup I wrote for unmonasterians could be a useful introduction if you know nothing about the city.