Now hiring: ethnographer wanted for cutting-edge research project on social innovation in the Middle East and Northern Africa

##This call is now closed.

Open Village is a research project on how young people in the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean are supporting each other to build social innovation projects. We explore the issue focusing on experiences rather than theory and encouraging open online conversation about the most interesting stories that people share online.

We are looking to hire one ethnographer to collaborate with us on this project. This would run for about a month (October 2017), on a part-time basis. We think it suits well graduate students in anthropology, sociology or design with knowledge of ethnographic methods, who might re-use the work for a thesis or papers (everything is open access), but we will consider any applicant. Candidates from any gender, nationality, culture o walk of life are welcome. We especially welcome candidates based in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco and Tunisia, but everyone can apply.


  • Familiar with the theory and practice of ethnography.
  • Comfortable with ethnography online.
  • Good knowledge of English and Arabic. French an advantage.


  • Build an ontology of relevant codes, appropriate to ethnographic coding of the online conversation.
  • Do the actual coding, using a tool we built in-house called Open Ethnographer. We estimate about 400 posts (mostly short).
  • Compile a short ethnographic report.


Work online, from wherever you are. If you happen to be in Brussels, you can also come to our office, but that’s not a requisite. Coordinate through the Edgeryders platform. You may be required to attend a physical meeting. In that case, we will cover your travel expenses.

Training and support

A senior researcher will train you to use our in-house software for online ethnography, Open Ethnographer. She will also be available for supervision and support.


Depends on the candidate’s home base and seniority. Around 2,000 USD.

###To apply:
Write to alberto [at] edgeryders [dot [eu]. Include:

  • A short motivation letter, explaining why you want to do this and why you think you can deliver. This can be in the email, don’t bother with the letterhead.
  • A CV (short ones are appreciated).

Questions? Leave us a comment below.

Photo credit: United States Government work

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Would love to do this, but I don’t read/write well in Arabic…@alberto

What is arabic needed for? If it’s for communication only(verbal or written with latin letters) i can do it maybe :slight_smile:

It’s needed for reading and ethnographic coding. Ethnography is a skill: I doubt someone who has had no exposure to it can jut jump in and do it.