Now Hiring: Outreach and Engagement Assistant within NGI Forward project, Edgeryders, part time position for 4 months, based in EU timezone, remote work

This is a part time work that is mostly remote, as a 4 month temporary position.

The Edgeryders organisation drives a number of activities as part of different consultancy contracts, independent projects organised by community members, and or European Research research projects. All projects have their separate budgets and guidelines for how they are managed. This requires the collaborator to familiarise themselves with the ongoing projects, and develop good routines for managing their tasks and deliverables in accordance with the requirements of each respective project.

NGI FORWARD is a Coordination and Support Action that brings together a consortium of leading organisations in the NGI and the internet space more broadly to help further the Next Generation Internet as the key European entity and space for radical new thinking on the future internet, by both conducting and bringing together the latest thinking and cutting edge research, and reaching a critical mass of Europeans through our ambitious engagement strategies. The collaborator will be engaged to assist with the implementation of the task 5.2. Program’s communication strategy.

We are looking to hire someone who is able to:

  • Has written communication skills and is able to quickly learn to use the platform and other internal channels (Matrix, Free Agent, Riot, Zoom, Google Drive, Google Agenda) for day-to-day team coordination.
  • Can communicate well in English (other languages are a plus)
  • Needs to quickly familiarise themselves with Edgeryders processes for administration, project management and coordination practices and our community culture (will get a proper introduction of everything necessary by the current person in position)
  • Assist the team leader with work related to outreach and engagement tasks, for example work on external communication and assist with general organisation of events. Finding venues and artists for Edgeryders events (work in artistic field is a plus, but not mandatory)
  • Respond to emails quickly
  • Have flexible working hours
  • Manage different agendas (schedule meetings, interviews, send reminders etc)
  • Organise and keep track of documents for reporting and administration
  • be responsive and can work with tight deadlines
  • be thorough and pays attention to detail (e.g no spelling mistake, double bookings or factual errors)
  • be very proactive in seeking out and verifying the information needed to complete tasks (doesn’t “get stuck”)
  • Keeps track of deadlines and reminds people well in advance of what needs to be done to meet them.
  • Coordinates with the organisation’s Directors separately, and reports to Nadia EL-Imam
  • Consults with the Research Coordinator and Directors on budgetary decisions and awaits approval for the budget decisions
  • Uses responsibly, securely and dutifully the Company’s designated physical and online workspace

This is a part time position, replacement during maternity leave, with a salary negotiated on the individual level, and can be done remotely provided we are in the same time zone (CET). The work starts on September 15th

How to apply:

  • Leave a comment expressing interest in this position here
  • Send a direct message @kajafarszky on the platform
  • Email kaja (at) edgeryders (dot) eu (subject: “Outreach Assistant Enquiry”)

Deadline: We will recruit the first qualified applicant, so if interested it is better to get in touch immediately.


Hi! I am interested in this position and have just contacted @kajafarszky.
Thank you for the opportunity!


Hi Nadia!
I am interested in this position and I sent my CV to Ms. Kaja Farszky

Best regards,

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Hi Nadia,

Thanks for sharing the above information regarding the new position at Edgeryders. I am very interested in the role and being part of your NGI project.

Best wishes,