Now that Visa and Mastercard are dropping Pornhub - why not make it illegal to post photos of minors online?

A while back @noemi and I got zoom bombed in the most horrific way. I hung up crying and couldn’t couldn’t stop for hours then walked around in haze the following days. It stuck me how easy it would be to have deep fakes made out of kids images online. If there were one tech policy I could see myself getting militant about it would be a blanket ban on posting any images of children online. As in no one under the age of 18.

It seems that there has been some movement to reign in some of the platforms where a lot of questionable material is distributed. Some would argue that this decision by the credit card companies is paternalistic or imposing moralistic values on consenting adults. Shouldn’t it be enough to just fine the companies heavily when they facilitate or promote sexual assault in the material distributed via their platforms?


I don’t believe in heavy fines. It’s really simple: they can keep doing it as long as the profit they make from it is higher than the fines. Worked for pharmaceutical industry for decades, works for tech behemots as well…and many others.
The state certainly loves fines though…

I would rather see personal responsibility, so jail time, community work+big fines.

There is a grandstanding element to Visa and MC taking this action now that light has been shown on the matter. It’s not like they didn’t know before. And what about Facebook where plenty of illegal stuff takes place.

As to banning all photos of kids: I can see the rationale. I hope it doesn’t come down to where you can’t share any pics of your kids. But with picture and video faking tech coming on so strong, it might be the only remedy, blunt as it is.