NVC training day Saturday 11 May 2024

Hello @reeflings,

On Saturday 11 May we’ll be organising another NVC training day in The Reef.

In the morning (9:45 - 12:15) there will be the usual two-hour introduction that we hope all Reeflings will sign up to at least once, and in the afternoon (14:00 - 17:00) there will be a deep dive session on empathic listening. In between there will be a potluck lunch where everybody is welcome, even if you are not participating in the NVC sessions.

For the afternoon session what you can expect is mostly (light-spirited) exercises, which will all focus on one or the other aspect of how to create that listening presence where we can create space for whatever it is that is going on in someone.

We often think of NVC as “how can I make a request?” or “how can I speak like a giraffe?”, but for me personally one of the most valuable things that NVC has brought me is having the handles to calmly connect with intense feelings - be it joy, anger or sadness - in myself and in others, and establish a flowing conversation on the needs that are underneath it. What I’ll do is I’ll share some of the exercises that I learned during the courses that I took, so that we can try them out together.

Can you let us know whether you’ll be joining us?

  • NVC intro in the morning
  • Potluck lunch
  • NVC deep dive in the afternoon
  • Can’t make it, maybe next time!
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This date is within a long weekend, not sure how many takers there will be…


Really sorry can’t make it. Would have loved to join. But we are in London that weekend to see my sister…:frowning:

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So given the low number of responses, here’s a new plan: we do the NVC introduction in the afternoon of 26/05 (after the Sunday plenary), and then we’ll do a deep dive on a summer evening in July.