OE user feedback

  • Intuitive and easy to use

  • I’ve spent twice less time using OE, than coding manually for STF. Time efficient! :slight_smile:

  • Drop-down menu is great

  • For some reason, about 10% tags did not export to .rqda file. It didn’t skew the results too much (as I remembered +/- where those tags were in original text online), but it made it harder to find and refer to the original quotes.

  • An easy ‘merge’ option would be great. Even using drop-down menu, I ended up with quite a few similar tags, I did the merging off-line, but it means that anyone who downloads my dataset will have to do it themselves as well.

  • But overall - it is great, and I can’t wait for the next version with the integrated online analysis.

Inga can you write instructions for first time users?

I went through @Matthias's manual. It is intended for admins it seems, but what I am looking for is a kind of “Open Ethnographer for dummies”- a guide to using the software for first time users who may not even be ethnographers. There is a part of the budget allocated for this work that I would happily hand over to you if you are up for doing this?


how soon do you need it?