Official Colors and Templates

Listing official Edgeryders colors, templates, logos and images,

also let’s list the logos of partners here

The template for presentations

The Colors :

Orange:  FF333

Blue:  00CCCC

The font: Helvetica

Thank you for this

How did you build this?

making sure about the colors

Let’s just make sure about the colors,

as they look a bit different in the google doc …

If the template is ok,

then people who want to use it

can request the access to copy,

or maybe they can make a copy anyway ?

who ever wants to improve the template is welcome too.

colours are different

Maybe we should stick to dark grey if they come out inconsistent? I think the logo should be half the size. And the fonts Helvetica. A beautiful slide format but which is more high maintenance is to have beautiful high resolutiuon images with text underneath. We can collect CC images in the Edgeryders Github repository…


good idea about the GitHub repository,

so it would be here I guess

I’ll fix the presentation template,

yes the images would be better then too much text

Mm maybe we can ask the community to contribute one image each

With licensing information in the file name. Would make everyone’s lives sooooo much easier…



I’m not sure if we can get Helvetica font into the google docs…

it seems it’s not there,

maybe some replacement, just in case, what else would be a good choice ?

Found this repository

12 Google font alternatives to Helvetica

Maybe the first one?

ok we’ll use the first one as an alternative, when using google docs for presentations.

maybe we should also join the GitHub to collect the images there,

I think we can easily use images from flickr ( with cc licence )

more about fonts

ok, we have to think more about the font,

I went through all of them from this list

and nothing looks as good as Helvetica

maybe Helvetica Neue is the closest option ?

We have to decide what looks best…

Helvetica neue is fine!

its beautiful also. :slight_smile:

ok :slight_smile:

ok, so let’s make it Helvetica Neue

it’s actually some kind of upgrade of Helvetica :slight_smile:

and looks good on big fonts