Oliver - Experience from Collabathon in Berlin

What are you taking away from the collaborathon? What are you learning?

My most important insight was really about responsibility that we have to take in any context we are in in terms of what we contribute to the world. I also came out of the data lab with appreciation for the relationships i currently have and how they are evolving. That was a beautiful reminder.

I take a lot of new ideas an opportunities from this process. Talking to Hugi and Bruno and was a mindgasm of ideas for the planned incubator program and beyond. I also love this space and am motivated to create a community space with some people here.

How did the participation question come about - what is contributuion in a changing world. Why is this question important?
The whole event was collaboration and the contribution of everyone is the most important and everyone had a responsibility to that. Trust and risk are also important to map out.

Where does it go from here?
I would like to make BÄMS! Bäms for everyone. I am getting the incubator together and all the partners together to make a strong proposal. Making this space right and moving in soon if possible.

Exploring next that u haven’t thought of before?
No, the space is the most exploration potential for me

Overall personal experience?
I feel super light and i found my own role personally. I am not a good implementer, im not the coder or the marketer or the product design. I want to have the foresight and facilitated the emergence of collaboration. Stuff like bringing everyone together for an event like this. Having some creative part.

What would you change?

Better introductions, setting better expectations for people, maybe I would like to have a stronger outcome and a bit more planning and more carefully invite and share an outcome. The first session maybe asking what people want to get out of this.

What should stay the same?

Starting late sunday and party on saturday was a real bonding experiences and was really cool outside of the other sessions.

Any insights you took away into a new topic or anything?

Really feeling for the first time how good facilitation can move emotions. the BÄM particulalry was a masterpiece of facilitation. if we showed this to the EU or ledger, it would be an exemplar of excellent communication and collaboration. I have seldom had the experience where facilitation can change things about the human emotions and state of mind.


Oliver Sauter

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