Olivia Khan Reflections from Prototyping Omni-Win Games Berlin

What are you taking away from the collaborathon? What are you learning?

What is the person who is speaking saying? Please try to write every word – sometimes a single word can unlock a lot of thoughts!

I’m learning… more about my own boundaries in collaboration. I learned more about what my gift is and who to find roles where I can excel and enjoy myself most.

why - I’ve received good feedback from people,
taking initiative and more interested in an operation role, where I can nip in and nip out, jack of all trades rather than participating entirely in one role.

*Where does it go from here?

Made good connections within the event for possible working relationships.

Connecting people with other people.

How do you want to continue? What are you curious to explore next?

More clear on the part I want to play in other evens I have planned, and what I can say my role would be there and how I can organise a team around my contribution.

my three things are tech, sex and art, honing skills in leadership and management and teamwork.

moment that was particularly exciting:
Real win for me to have time away from cooking yesterday where I Could sit for a moment without being exhausted, because I can over commitment self, but in this case I respected my boundaries or had the energy to socialise without being exhausted

Thing to replicate
people should always eat dinner together, no working at the laptop
event after great, and people even stayed after a mentally draining event
first time I got my energy back from the same place I lost it, same event.

Pleasantly surprised by everyone showing up early, how did the copy text contribute to that, getting people to show up, what type of people

food prep - needs more than one person, can be a bit lonely one person doing everything.

Olivia Khan-Do


Thank you for this nice reflection! We would love to hear more about the conversation during that dinner at some point as well as about your insights and recommendation for how to facilitate meaningful social conversations on important topics :).

Maybe we could start a topic thread “Beyond the conference - the power on mingling (online and offline)” or something like that with more people sharing experiences from the festival but also from many previous projects and vents and when and how they felt as if they had impact exchanges!

What do you think @johncoate

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