On Privacy, Project insulation and General Handling of Documents

(Under Construction)

In this document we use the following names/concepts:

Person = individual community member or participant not formally tied to the Edgeryders OU organisation.

Project = An activity or set of activities that have a specific objective set in advance, or are directed towards addressing a general issue and have one person responsible for driving them. This person is expected to sign a contract that they have read and agreed to respect our code of conduct, specific routines for use of the Edgeryders name and logo, as well as our processes for managing administration, files etc. Once the owner of a project has signed a contract with Edgeryders, they are given a project folder created by an Edgeryders Director. Project managers do not have access to any other Edgeryders folders or files. Project managers are authorised to add people in their team to their project folders.

Edgeryders HQ = The directors of Edgeryders OU.

Client = A representative of an organisation, group or individual with whom Edgeryders OU has a contract and to whom Edgeryders OU is accountable for delivering results.

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Practically speaking, if you want to establish a formal process for granting and revoking permissions in the new Google Drive Enterprise setup, you would have need to define one in the next few days. Otherwise, people will (have to) resort to ad-hoc decisions to give access to the team drives.

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