On reaching out and reaching back to honour our social contract with one another

Edgeryders is now at a phase where we have a track record of conversations leading to actions. As well as a mechanism for collaboratively generating opportunities for people to do paid work on issues that matter to them.

EarthOs, NGI, Participio, The Research Network, OpenVillage, Poprebel. These are programs/groups which are especially active right now, and where there are tangible opportunities for people to get involved. And it is part of our social contract with the community to get in touch and inform them about relevant new opportunities when they materials.

The Edgeryders Festival, the conversations leading up to it, are where members can quickly get a sense of what is happening right now in Edgeryders, and how they can plug into it. The process is designed to ensure everyone comes out of the festival having made meaningful connections with people who can support their professional and personal development.

So how are we going to do this?

1. Put together a minisite for the festival that aggregates the most active discussions (Done!) :

  • EarthOS: Edgeryders environment and climate unit. This is the shared workspace for the unit’s projects, as well as environment- and climate-relevant discussion topics.

  • Participio: A technology development lab within Edgeryders to build experimental software and methodology for decentralized organizations and co-created culture.

  • The Research Network is a business unit in the Edgeryders company, organised as a network. After preliminary discussions with community members, we started its buildup in October 2017.

  • OpenVillage: A co-creative space for P2P development of sustainable lifestyles and businesses.We experiment with collaborative models of entrepreneurship, learning and communal spaces. In pursuit of meaningful, productive and enjoyable living.

  • Next Generation Internet: A sensemaking and partnership-building space for people building the evolution of the Internet and our digital technologies. So that they support efforts to build a better future against a backdrop of massive social, economic, ecological and political challenges.

  • Open Enquiry: Edgeryders curated collective enquiry into the big themes such as Spiritual, Moral & Psychological Wellbeing, Work and Prosperity, Health as well as Democracy, Justice and Rule of Law.

2. Use our tagging system to identify previous community discussions on the platform.

This can be done in one of two ways (Ongoing!) :

  • Look at What We Care About, and click on the tags to show you the archive of content relevant to your topic if interest.
  • Review some of the reports from research initiatives around topics such as Community driven Health & Social Care, the community reports from 2018 and more (publications).

3. Reach out to the contributors

Get in touch with the authors and commentators of posts you feel are especially interesting to you. Point them to the best-of content, and ongoing activities relevant to their interests on the platform more recently. Invite them to the festival and explain how they can get involved.

4. Subscribe to the CountOnMe feed (needs promotion @anon82932460)

These are carefully curated posts which collect the best current content, disucussions and important news on planet Edgeryders. By sharing them on your own channels you are helping to keep the broader community up to date. As well as draw attention and support to members’ work. It is easy! Just go here and then edit your settings like this: