On the topic of companies that are also communities

Hi all,

Following the discussion on landing pages that spinned off our community call, I remembered that I’ve solved this problem for a company before. They are called ‘mejor en bici’ and do consulting for mobility problems for private companies, but on the other hand represent a community of 20.000 urban cyclists.

They found it frustrating that their website was never fully delivering to the expectations of either the community or a potential private client. To solve the problem we looked into how Redbull and Michelin make their website work (both are companies with marketing and communities that customer don’t necesarily link to what they actually sell) - and what we concluded was that it was best to have a landing page that made the visitor choose between ‘company’ or ‘community’ website, and to keep this link continously visible so that it is always clear to visitors that there is another website still.

Resulting website http://www.mejorenbici.com/  

It’s been up and running for two years now and seems to be working well for them. Maybe something for ER too?