Onboard Makerfox users who order the tickets

We already have 11 people who have ordered the Lote4 ticket on Makerfox.com and expect the number to be growing…

Some of these are not on edgeryders yet or if they are, probably need a little guidance to start taking on tasks. I propose we get in touch with them weekly and do a little onboarding so they don’t get lost.

This adds up to community management since we now keep an eye on two platforms rather than one, but it is worth it, as we are working with dozens, not hundreds community members.

@Matthias am I right to assume the public profiles on MakerFox are reachable through:

http://system.makerfox.com/[user]? (me and Natalia are building a list with all Lote4 participants and their user accounts on Makerfox)

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Makerfox profile URLs

The URL format you found out works, but is rather just a side effect of needing the system subdomain for internal purposes. You can use this format to create the URL for any user profile:


For example, your profile is at http://www.makerfox.com/noemi, and you can also reach it from within your own account with “Public Profile Page” in the top-right menu.

When you are logged in yourself, you get a “Message” button at the user profile pages of other users, which you can use for community management purposes. You or Natalia can embody the Makerfox for messaging users if you like – in that case, I’d hand you the Makerfox password, since the Makerfox is just another user on its own platform (here).

Good and thanks!

I had tried that url but didn’t work before, OK now and thank you!

No need to hand us in more passwords  and no need to take over the whole Makerfox (LOL), we’ll simply use the Message feature :slight_smile:

@Noemi, I can take care of checking the makerfox list and sending the emails. @Matthias, does my email address work?:wink:

Umh wait … yes, it works :wink:

I just configured it and sent you a test e-mail to your new edgeryders.eu address that also includes some instructions. If you get this, all is fine.

Note that because of a GMail “feature” that hides what they consider “duplicates” from you, you cannot test the new address by sending an e-mail to yourself from the same GMail account to which it forwards. GMail would see the e-mail in your “Sent” folder and hide the incoming e-mail from you that you want to see in a successful test.

Should we test sending the ticket?

So we now have a digital ticket  to edit with people’s names and an id number (6 digits according to Matthias).

@Natalia Skoczylas, can you try and transfer me 1000 bucks on Makerfox from the Lote4 account? I have ordered the ticket, so once you transfer me the amount, the Makerfox should be able to make the deal… let’s see what happens. cc @Matthias.

Once the deal is made, you’d need to send me the ticket in .pdf (number 000001) with an email explaining what it is and what I need to do next about Lote4 - check new tasks, join the twitterstorm, book travel & accommodation in Matera etc.

Prepared :slight_smile:

Let me know when the transfer is done, I will then let the Makerfox try to make the deal. (Needs a manual action still, but once tickets are trading for real, I will simply do this once a day or with  a cron job.)

money is on its way