Onboarding Package

Hello @reeflings,

We are now working at full speed for more than a year, and during that time we have adopted quite some new policies and working methods. As a consequence there was a need to revise the Onboarding Package and put some structure into where one can find the right documentation on how things work.

Four things are new:

  1. The Onboarding Manual has been completely revised

  2. We now have a “checklist of things to do when joining The Reef”

  3. We now have separate manuals for Nextcloud, Edgeryders and the plenary meetings.

  4. Team Recruitment & Onboarding will propose to scrap the Working Methods Document, given that it was completely outdated. All essential elements are now included in the Onboarding Manual.

The Onboarding Manual is envisaged like a tree:

All the essential information is in the manual, and from there you can branch out to “second degree” documents and posts for further details when you need them.

All documents can be found in the “Onboarding Package” folder

(internal link | publicly accessible link).

When you are new to The Reef, these are the recommended steps to follow:

  1. Save your own copy of the checklist and use it to keep an overview of the things you still have to do (please don’t make any changes in the copy on Nextcloud).

  2. Read the Onboarding Manual, but don’t attempt to click on all the links and read all the “second degree” documents.

  3. Go through the other documents in the Onboarding Package folder (manuals, decision-making etc) little by little.

  4. Go back to the checklist and make sure you cover what is included there.

  5. Go through the Onboarding Manual once more, and click on the “second degree” links in function of what you need. By all means don’t try to take it all in at once though, and work with your buddy to find the things that are the most relevant.

Feedback and updates

Joining a new organisation is unavoidably quite intense. There are so many things to learn and one easily gets overwhelmed by it all.

The Onboarding Package is The Reef’s attempt to help new Reeflings during this process, by offering as much documentation as we can. It is unavoidably imperfect, so all feedback is of course very welcome.

For the moment I will take care of any updates that need to be made, so please don’t make any changes into the documents (at least not without using the “track changes” function).


i see it. thank you for this work

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Hello @reeflings,

Following up to the evaluation of the buddy system, I wanted to draw your attention to the Onboarding Package (see also post no 1 above).

Taking some time to go through this is highly recommended for both new and not-so-new Reeflings: if you are new it will help you to find your way in The Reef, and if you are not-so-new it will help you to support your buddies.

I recommend you read all the Word documents in this folder, in the following order:

  1. Checklist of things to do when becoming a member
  2. Onboarding Manual
  3. Other manuals: Edgeryders, Nextcloud and plenary meetings

As stated in post no 1 above the Onboarding Package is conceived as a tree: the essential information is in the first layer, and the more detailed stuff is included in the different links. In practice this means that we recommend that you focus on the first layer first (i.e. the documents listed above), and to only then move on to the more detailed documents.

As always: all questions, comments and feedback are welcome!