One to One with Spellit

On February 25th, I had a very interesting introductory meeting with the project leader @Hssan_Haddar in which I was walked through the progress of the Spellit project and shared my feedback regarding the implementation and especially the marketing strategy that the project is following. We identified and focused on the following gap :
Although a unique value proposition exists, the products needs an approach to do (can be mid or long term) advertising and launching compaings. The project is not focusing on reaching prospective consumers throughout a robust marketing strategy. I deem the only channel/strategy is direct-selling which does not fit well with the product position in market when first released. I advised the team to explore more options by targeting audience (parents, doctors, patients…), broaden brand’s awareness and gain the trust of target potential audience not only costumers.
Examples discussed were 1/ Starting with more than one location 2/ use social media to expand the brand and generate attention that can be harvested in the future 3/ take part of relevant events to market the product and brand 4/ constantly hold events and activities to present the product.
As the team has short timelines at the moment to raise funds and prototype, we agreed to go through the action plan during the next one to one that will involve both prototyping and marketing.