Online transhumanist discussion event: How do we decide what to prioritise

Experiment in online transhumanist discussion - tomorrow

As an experiment, the team at are setting up a time-window tomorrow for an online community chat using Slack.

It’s going to take place on the #general channel of

(That Slack was set up by members of the transhumanist community in Australia, but has participants from worldwide.)

If you’re not already a member of that community, and would like a login, please send an email to

Any global discussion is going to happen at a time which is inconvenient/impossible for many people worldwide, sorry. In this case, for the first chat, the time has been chosen to be broadly suitable for people in Australasia, Asia, Africa, and Europe. It will last for one hour from 10am GMT tomorrow (Sunday 13th March). For details in your timezone, click on

The stated topic for this first, experimental discussion is:

“How do we decide what to prioritise”

The “we” here is deliberately loose. It refers to anyone who joins the Slack channel in question. People could talk about how they decide priorities for themselves. Or what priorities they wish groups would adopt.

Themes we could explore include our priorities for:

*) Our use of time

*) Our use of money

*) Keeping fit and healthy

*) Keeping knowledgeable

*) The communities we join

*) The projects we support

Date: 2016-03-13 11:00:00 - 2016-03-13 11:00:00, Europe/Brussels Time.

URL: Google Workspace Updates: New community features for Google Chat and an update on Currents

ER Platform feedback

The link to the event page isn’t clickable? (the one at the top is, but that’s cos I put it in the main post (i think).

@matthias I’m guessing it’s bad that the one at the bottom (next to the icon) isn’t clickable. This is a bug?

Also, Is there like a ‘shout box’ forum / section on this site? Just for random things or quick questions / thoughts?

The forum I use most is (I’m not the owner/founder, just a transhuman friend, so I help him by doing some SEO and outreach / social media promotion stuffs.) It’s discourse forum, I think it does a lot of cool stuff (I’d say it’s more ‘slick’ that ER site, but I guess you have a lot of custom stuff here that would be hard to do in discourse).

Anyway, my main point is that the ‘categories’ on fractal future forum seem more intuitive to me. I think that’s something you could do here. I imagine some new people to ER site coming and wanting to make a post, but not knowing where/how. Maybe I’m just being dumb/not exploring properly. Are people supposed to open a new ‘project’ here if they want to start a ‘thread’ that might not fit in any existing project(s)? Or maybe you want to only focus on ‘official’ projects, so you don’t encourage ER site to be used as a general idea storming borard with random threads… ?

I see the button as normal

… strange!

As for the categories issue, this is currently being thought through by @Nadia and @Matthias.

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ocupiii all teh logos

Annnnd. I still have no idea what Op3nCare is about. It could be for selling Nukes to the homeless, for all I know. So why all the logos? I dunno. I’m just trusting that @Nadia isn’t going to waste time or do evil. Caring is sharing, people. Was it Voltaire who said… something…

no… Proudhon… nope… Derrida… nah… Camus, Comte… Satre, Simone de Beauvoir … LOOK IT WAS FRENCH OK… the one in Little miss sunshine … i think

Marcel Proust