OP3N MEETUPS [work in progress]

Op3nCare is an open collaboration platform hosted by Edgeryders. Join our global community to make health- and social care open source, privacy-friendly and participatory. 

About Op3n Meetups

Op3nCare’s vision is to deploy collective intelligence to the problem of designing care services by communities, for communities. This mean blurring the distinction between researchers, designers, caregivers and care receivers.

Consistently with this vision, the Op3nCare consortium has decided to make its own meetings open for anyone interested to participate. The ethos is “one day of talking, one day of doing”: for every day spent on administration issues, we are setting aside another day to do hands-on stuff like design workshops, network data analysis, or hardware hacking, with doors thrown wide open. Additionally, we intend to use our meetings to partner up with, and contribute to, events organised by existing communities already working on care, collective intelligence, open source hardware and software hacking. We are aware that this marks a clean break with the tradition of closed-doors consortium meetings in European-funded research, even for projects that publish their results with open licenses, and that we are venturing in uncharted territory. But then again, that’s why they call it “research”.



26/2, Brussels, 09:00 -10:00 | How to cope with meltdowns in communities, Keynote by John Coate.

26/2, Brussels, 09:30 -16:15 | Collaborative inclusion. How migrants-residents collaboration can produce social values. A reflexive design exercise. With Ezio Manzini, Yara Al Adib, Gido Van Den Ende and the Syrian New Kids on the Block.

26/2, Brussels, 09:30 -16:15 | THE OPEN CARE FILES - Welfare through the looking glass. Panel hosted by Marco Manca, CERN. With Julia Reda, MEP and Lucia Scopelliti, City of Milan.

27/2, Brussels, 09:30 -16:15 | MASTERS OF NETWORKS: NETWORKS OF CARE hackathon for network scientists, doctors and patients to make sense of collective intelligence using network science and data. Led by Guy Melançon and the University of Bordeaux.

27/2, Brussels, 14:00 -17:00 | Storytelling workshop: Narratives of Care 2016, led by Nadia EL-Imam, Edgeryders and Angelo Di Mambro, journalist and communications consultant.

27/8, Brussels, 14:00 -17:00 | The long path from invention to innovation. Led by Lorenzo Paolozzi, CERN.



4/4 - 7/4, Berlin, 10:00 - 20:00 | OpenCare Labs - Hacking Utopia. Product design workshop. Led by Susanne Stauch, UDK and Nadia EL-Imam, Edgeryders.


18/5, Berlin, ??:?? -??:?? | CAPS2020 community meeting. Not an official Op3n meeting, but some of us should go.


Stockholm | Exact date t.b.c. Program under construction.


Milan | Exact date t.b.c. Program under construction.



Geneva | Exact date t.b.c. Program under construction.


BordeauxExact date t.b.c. Program under construction.


Milan | Exact date t.b.c. lote6 | Open Care. Program under construction.

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