OPEN 2020 - Networked Commons Initiatives

Hi all, hope this may be of interest…

OPEN 2020 is a collaborative online event for anyone that is interested in creating a world which places people and planet before profit.

Recognising that there are hundreds of thousands of groups and communities working on this general objective… but a lack of inter-connection and collaboration, OPEN 2020 aims to bring together as many people as possible from different communities and commons building projects, to collectively figure out:

How to enable small groups to form, exchange ideas, define shared purposes, to collaborate effectively, and trade – within a global network of like minded commons building initiatives.

We could be so much more effective if we gathered around a single platform or shared information via a single protocol in order to benefit from ‘the network effect’ of a united ‘cooperative advantage’. This is our chance to co-create the future we want, together!

The event takes place on the 11th and 12th June from 9 - 6pm BST
See the full event description and the full program here


It looks quite interesting. It does cost to join though…

Sorry yes - should have made that 100% clear, we’ve run a series of webinars which you can see for free - but the base price ticket for ALL the sessions of OPEN 2020 (2 days of amazing collaborative discussions!) is £3.50 … not much more than a cup of (expensive) coffee!

All the funds we raise will either be invested into the platform-coop providing the open source tools for the event, or our other collaborative projects, which all aim to build a world in which people and planet come before profit - we’ve been doing this for many years now… and can finally feel it all coming together, so this is a very exciting time to get involved.

Hope the small financial investment in our collective future doesn’t put anyone off!? :wink:

Not at all. Was just clarifying.