Open Call: Edgeryders is Hiring Local Engagement Managers in Nepal

Ah right, everyone post here please.

You’re right, public applications are much more aligned to how we want to work. I’ll adapt the post.

We decided to go for two half-time engagement managers instead by advice from Peter. He said that relevant candidates could hardly work full-time because they might have to quit an existing job in order to take this one up, and then might be jobless after the 2.5 months.

“Talk to your community. Become a community.”

I loved this narrative, “become a community”. These guys seem to get it, the p2p care:

“You are all doing a wonderful job. Your work is making a difference. You are greatly appreciated. Please remember to take care of yourself too. Stop to breathe, to share a hug, to sit and rest. Stretch a little, drink some tea, talk to your close ones, Reach out, everyone needs a little love.”  Source: ---posted by abha eli 1- For... - Nepal Earthquake 2015.

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about my motive for working with you

first of all the job you are about to initiate is great and it will help a lot to hear the unheard voices of the people who have suffered this tragic incident and yet still not getting the things they need from the government.So i would also like to join your program and In regards to my experience, as citizens of Nepal i along with my friends have been trying our level best for the delivery of relief materials to the victims and also consoling and comforting them as much as we can and still i think that’s not enough. So i am quite excited to assist you as much as i can


So, welcome!

Welcome @abhisheklamsal – I think you are the first Nepalese edgeryder! My name is Alberto, very happy that you like the idea of working with us. Natalia or Matt will be in touch. For now, thanks for your contribution to the relief effort!

Well thanks Mr. Alberto for replying and your concern for Nepal and Nepalese citizens is very much appreciated and i hugely respect you from the bottom of my heart for that.

Service in the community

Introducing myself first, I am a second year (pre-graduate) student at Kathmandu College of Management and a Microsoft Student Partner 2015. Since the past two years I have been actively involved in volunteering activities for the welfare of the society like ‘against the plastic bag’ campaign. As for the earthquake, I along with my team from Microsoft Innovation Center Nepal are helping people by facilitating communication with the tagline 'To Make International Calls, please contact me". Further, we are aiming to collect data of people suffering in a particular area and blog about it. It would be great real time working platform for me if i could be a part of the Future Makers Nepal project. (LinkedIn ; facebook)


Motivated for National Cause

Professionally I am an Electronics and Communication Engineer and involved in administrative task of Robotics Association of Nepal (RAN). Since my engineering study start up I have been engaged in different volunteering activities like Advancement in Computer Entertainment (ACE) 2012 conference and CAN info tech, establishment of robotics club in Sagarmatha Engineering College. Since then I have created large network of people who are now actively involved in rescue and relief programs. My executive involvement in RAN not only helps in this project but also other initiatives that Edgeryders will chip in through Future Maker Nepal project. This job description is one of my daily task in RAN. Updating website, writing blogs, applying for grants, report writing, public speaking are what I have been doing these days as a Project Associate of DairyMaker Code +Design Challenge 2015 organized by RAN which is jointly funded by World bank and Microsoft.

After the magnanimous disaster, I was sadden by the death and injuries to Nepalese citizens and determined to show my enrollment in the rescue operation and initiated the Solar Powered Light and Mobile Charger  project through RAN. I think with this project I will be directly in touch with victims as well as National and international rescue initiatives. I am highly motivated to show my presence in this disastrous situation as a Local Engagement Manager. Let’s work together for supporting initiatives. For more info visit my linkedIn profile.


So welcome all!

And welcome to you too, @Prarthana_Saakha and @BikashGurung. We are honoured by your interest. Personally, I am back home in Europe, but we will do our best to support the Nepal team from here. Matthias and Natalia are offline today – they went to deliver goods to some villages in the Dhading district – but will get in touch with you all soon.

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Motivation towards future makers Nepal

First of all. I want to thank you and your team for your initiative to develop a platform for the support of the large numbers of victims, affected by the earthquake. It’s a great cause and it means a lot to me. I came across your website and saw that you are currently looking for local engagement managers for Future Makers Nepal Project under your kind control. That’s why I would like to propose my candidature for this position. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture (graduated in 2013). After finishing my thesis I was a project coordinator of the European Union funded project (Agriculture and Nutrition Extension project) for one year. Currently I’m associated with a agricultural company as a part-time technical consultant. But after the earthquake, I really want to use my time and skills to support the earthquake affected areas of Nepal till the creation of a good working environment for agricultural services. I’m very interested in this position because it’s a great opportunity to support people, whose lives have been affected by the earthquake. It would be a great honor for me to work with Edgeryders because of its good reputation. I’m very interested in association with an international team working for Nepal. I’m an active and hard-working person, I have relevant work experience and I’m very motivated to work. I think that I’ll become a useful asset to your project. Please feel free to contact me for further information and documents about my qualification and experience.

Yours sincerely,

Keshav Gaire

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Thanks to the Internets

Hello Keshav and others, and welcome! I’m one of Edgeryders community managers in Europe, working in some of the projects you might want to check out just to get an idea of the kind of initiatives members are interested in exploring.

Since we didn’t really know a lot of people in Nepal, nor does our team speak Nepalese, I was doubting that people would just stumble across this offer on the Internet. Glad to know it still works and you did… and if you came through some common friends who, chances are they are in Edgeryders  themselves, feel free to tell us, it helps us learn how to get calls visible across the network. If you’re in Katmandu, you’ll surely get to meet Natalia and Matt soon, and you can discuss details. Until then, enjoy browsing…if you have any questions about our community in general we’re here.

Stay safe!

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Thanks to the Internet

Hello Noemi,

It’s glad to be part of Edgeryders community. I am personally in touch with @Natalia and @Mathhias and we already have spent much of your time. We Nepalese are really happy to know that we guys are starting Future Makers Nepal Project. There are lots of enthusiasts trying to work in the development of Nepal and hope we can assist in achieving your target over here.

@Alberto- Your spiritual presence is more important as what we need is making the future of Nepal better. Through Robotics Association Of Nepal(RAN), we are trying to do the same. Currently we are running DairyMaker Code + Design Challenge 2015 which tries to solve local dairy problems through local innovation making Global Impact. It’s great that Natalia and Matthius have already started helping victims of #devastating Nepal earthquake through villages of  Dhading( severely affected district). Lets take this initiative to newer height!!

You’re THAT guy!

I think I have heard of your DairyMaker Challenge, @BikashGurung. Seems impressive! Glad you joined the community, and good luck with your application to the Nepal team.

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Yes ! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Thanks @Alberto- feeling great on joining the community! Hope to meet you someday!

job application

Hello sir.

I would like to work with you for hope I will get an opportunity to join and work with you here in Nepal.

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Here to Share!

Hello Everyone,

I am Anubhuti Poudyal, Public Health graduate, Journalist in a national print media house and Communication Consultant in YoungInnovations, a private organization using technology to bring social impact. I have always connected strongly to Public Health Communication and it is through this connection that I write to you.

The position of Local Engagement Manager looks exactly the kind of work that I generally indulge myself in. As a public health graduate, I connect to social and health related matters. This recent calamity in Kathmandu threw challenges in all directions and I am pumped up to play my part. I hope to do what I do best, networking and communication for better resource allocation, social service and in the longer run social impact. And this is where the project excites me.

I have been a public speaker, standardized test instructor, journalist, story teller, writer, explorer and more importantly, social worker. My experiences have taken me into some of the most rural parts of Nepal. I would be more than excited to talk more about my life so far with you in person. If you’d want to see my CV, my email address is

I’d like to congratulate you on your initiative. Hope to be a part of it.

Let’s create an impact.

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Hello everyone,

I’m Natalia and I’m in Kathmandu with Matthias, and we work hand in hand to accomplish something meaningful and create a space for debate for Nepali here on edgeryders, that will deal with a variety of problems that the nation is dealing with. We’re still waiting for the news to spread and more people to have a chance to apply and then I would like to meet with the candidates later this week, starting from Thursday, giving us enough time to talk with all of you and hire two people by Monday. I hope that you will have time for a cup of coffee with me (or milk tea with ginger). Looking forward to that!


Standing tall for Nepal


First of all i would like to thank from bottom of my heart to Matthias and Natalia for their initiation.

I am Sunita Shrestha, student of English literature. Currently working as a French language instructor at Euro School.

I am doing self-volunteering in Bir hospital trauma center. I have seen victim of earthquake their  suffering, I feel their pain. As a responsible citizen i am doing what i can do from my side. And I am happy in what I am doing.

I do not have any experiences of doing work as a Engagement Managers. However, I have work as a translator in the various health camp organized by  NGO and INGO.

I would be very happy to work in this Edgeryders project as a Engagement Managers. This would be a very good platform for me to do field research, encourage people and create some smile of their faces.

Thank you,


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Interested in Joining the Team


I am Dipti, a student of anthropology. Before the Earthquake, I was working on a research on truth-seeking process in Nepal about the 10 years long conflict period. After the Earthquake, I have been running around in a frenzy. The first few days, we spent managing the community I lived in (read: preparing food for them, assuring them at a 10 Richter’s scale earthquake will not happen, and looking at one new born baby). Relief and rescue missions started, help pledges started to pour in, Facebook somehow managed to not crash with all that feed, but it has soon become clear to all that there are loopholes to this process. The lack of coordination between the larger agencies, and individual and local initiatives has led to many a problems and will only continue to do so.

While immediate relief is the focus (for obvious reasons) right now in Nepal, there is a greater need felt to coordinate these efforts. I am hoping that this particular project, at its heart, is trying to address this situation.

I have started to blog at as my own tiny attempt at getting a grasp in this vortex.

I am Interested

Looks like you do not entertain facebook… but, I have been writing about my involvement in facebook actively you can check it out here


Sanitation and perhaps terra preta contact

Hi Kumar,

I thought of something that may help in the longer term, written there .

I suggest you call one of his staff on the telephone directly after lunch when they are still relaxed and not busy with something else. :slight_smile: Here are the contacts again:

My impression is that either Gabriela (perhaps with support from Stefan) would be the right people for the job. If they aren’t, or they are too busy - ask them if they could refer you to a colleague who may be in a better position to help. Expect them to be a bit flabberghasted because you aren’t following the “correct procedure”, but if you are well prepared and can keep it friendly and very brief (you can usually be very direct with Germans) - I think you have good chances. Unfortunately it looks like poor Gabriela did not get a telephone - so you may have to call Stefan (ends on -3441) and ask him to get her on the phone (usually they are next door or so). Perhaps you want to take a short look at their research (especially that of Prof. Otterpohl) beforehand, so you are on the same page. If you feel better about it you can send an email a day or so before, so they can prepare mentally. German lunch ends from a bit before 4pm - 5pm in Nepal. I’d be happy if you can tell me how it went! :slight_smile: