Open Call for art residency in Jitpur Phedi, Nepal

So I just talked to Anuka Lomidze from @Ahuahu_Foundation (she participated in Spot The Future event in Tbilisi in 2014) and she told me about this great project her husband Koka Vashakidze is involved in Nepal and I couldn’t help but post it since Anuka does not have access to her PC and asked me to do it in her place. @Matthias @Nadia @Alberto please spread the word in your networks!

Who we are?

AhuAhu Foundation works on examination, definition, promotion and development of art in Georgia and Caucasus region.We are inviting practitioners from various cultural fields in its wider sense of understanding


To take part in rehabilitation process of earthquake damage and building self-sustainable community based on traditional art and crafts in relation to the contemporary reality. Rehabilitation of the damaged buildings we plan by use of different models of alternative architecture, which is mainly concentrated on cheap or recycled but solid materials, creating affordable house for everyone with the respect of surrounding ecosystem.

Why alternative architecture?

Some houses of the village are damaged partly – needing change of the single wall, while others are demolished till the basement. Total cost of traditional materials are several times expensive and reliance on it only extends housing problem on the way to upcoming winter, while implementation of certain techniques e.g. wall construction with empty bottles or used tires, filled with the clay can significantly advance into entire village rebuilding process. Rebuilding process will take place in close collaboration with local masters inhabiting in the area, so the solidity of the constructions shouldn’t raise any questions.

What do we expect?

At the end we don’t only expect to have finished all the accessible buildings but also to challenge and present how different models of alternative architecture could be implemented in real-life mode, converting village into the open space where the variety of alternative attitudes will be exposed side by side. What we expect can be divided in two parts. To host alternative or experimental architects and enthusiasts to take part in the planning and rebuilding process of the village by sharing experience, donating ideas and physical labor enough to succeed daily. We also expect cultural practitioners from all the interested fields (e.g. art, history, ethno botanic) who would like to have cozy working space in rural Nepal, and on the basis of close intercultural exchange with local community would like to fulfill desired piece of work.

What do we offer?

Private accommodation, daily meal, working materials, shared studio and free internet access.

What is the maximum length of the residency?

5 months.

Where are we now?

At the given moment we have rented one of the damaged houses in the village and are just about to start rebuilding process of the eastern wall.

When the construction will start?

Because of the monsoon season it is impossible to take any continues action at the moment, after the discussion with the local community the best time for the start comes to the first half of November.

When residency program starts?

First wave of residency program will start in November 2015, by starting rebuilding residence building itself.

Applicants should send Portfolio/CV and the brief description of the desired project (in case of architectural proposals additional information may be needed) to

Deadline: 5 October, 2015

Please be patient, confirmation letters will be sent to your email addresses by the late October.

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@Matthias did you share this in your networks? Anyone interested?

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