Open call for design of the game set in the world of Witness

Have you been captivated by the imaginative societies and economic systems we’ve been creating around the floating city of Witness?

Have you a concrete prior experience in the game design, and in particular in card games?

We might need you to help us in carrying the thinking, imaginations and insights from Witness out into the world, and carrying people from the world to contribute in building Witness.

Background: Edgeryders is participating in the final impact conference of the POPREBEL project and its research on the rise of populism in Central and Eastern Europe. Project’s objective is to describe the phenomenon, create a typology of its various manifestations, reconstruct trajectories of its growth and decline, investigate its causes, interpret its meanings, diagnose its consequences, and propose policy solutions.

During the event we will present an experiment in speculative thinking set in the imaginary city of Witness. The participants will be invited to join this worldbuilding exercise through creation of three specific districts, one in Polish, one in Czech and one in German language. Their focus should be on how certain aspects of life such as social status, healthcare or freedom, anchored in premises of today’s societies, would evolve in Witness.

Request: We want to introduce a dynamic element to provide practical examples to the speculative debate.
The solution we have in mind is a card game that leads through potential challenges and solutions that the society of Witness’ districts may face.

We are looking for people whose task would be to create such a game, starting from the Witness wiki and perfection it step by step to render it completely playable by the time of the event.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • design and realise Witness: the card game to serve as a simulation of economic, social and political solutions for possible challenges in the imaginary city of Witness during the final POPREBEL impact conference

  • mutually develop and agree the set of rules and the documentation mechanism for the played games – e.g. chess game records

  • create original decks of the card game with the rules and detailed instructions on how to play

  • execute alpha testing within the ER community following the agreed timeline

  • update decks and rules in base of the alpha testing results

  • execute the thorough beta testing phase

  • present the game (if necessary in its beta test phase) during the events organised by

  • Edgeryders

  • have a final version ready for the POPREBEL final impact conference expected in April 202

  • Choose the focus topics among the themes that emerge within the context of an ongoing community conversation around populism

  • Coordinate with Edgeryders team throughout all of the process

Requirements and Qualifications

  • Proven track of game design

  • Thorough knowledge of the Witnesspedia material

  • Disciplined with strong time management skills; able to work to deadlines

  • Superb design and writing skills

  • Creative and inquiring mind open to team work

Similar Job Titles

Game designer


The engagement period and remuneration will be agreed on based on mutually convened deliverables at the contract negotiation phase following this call. The reason for this is that we are aware of different skill levels, hourly rate and time constraints that candidates might have, and wish to be able to accommodate that.

How to apply:

Please send an email with your application to