Open Call for Next Generation Internet Explorer Missions to the USA

Hi community!

Some months ago we were announcing our 1st round, and now I come back to share with you that we are in the middle of the NGI Explorers 2nd Open Call.

NGI Explorers is the fellowship program to receive funding from the European Commission and the Next Generation Internet to work with USA Partners in their premises. The immersive experiences will take place in October 2020, so applicants should not be concerned about the current international blockade.

To support the exceptional situation generated by the Covid-19 outbreak, in NGI Explorers we have extended the deadline of our 2nd open call to 21 April.

:date: NEW Deadline: 21 April 2020, 12:00 PM (Brussels Time)
:information_source: 2nd Webinar: 8 April, 12PM - Register here: LinkedIn

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